Monday, April 23, 2007

A simple, anadorned post

If I were to give you a choice between your favorite beverage, say, a Shasta Black Cherry Soda, or a 2007 Mustang Cobra (whatever car floats your boat, ok). Which one would you pick?

All together now: Uhhhhh-duhhhhhhhh! You'd pick the car, right?

Let's say that in order to get the car you'd have to give up your daily tasty beverage forever, would you still do it? Would you even give up that soda to the dollar amount of the car in order to get your prized wheels?

Are you willing to forfeit little joys in life for something big? Which one is the greater joy, in the end? Do you focus only on big things and miss out on appreciating those small, everyday moments of bliss?

I bet you have not had much of the big things if you are obsessed with them. They have had you. The biggest part is that you've never stopped to enjoy the little things along the way.

The point about big vs. little is mute; rather, are you able to see past your big pie in the sky, your hail mary, your slippery treasures?

Can you see the moon with arr of its heavenry gwory? (Thank you, Bruce)

Wow, I detect a paradox!


Scary Monster said...

Delayed gratification...Kinda sounds like a good case of blue balls to me.
Plan for the future, but don't forget the here and now. There ain't no guarantees that tomorrow be another day.


Barbarian02003 said...

I'd give up chocolate and coffee for my dream car.

NiolK said...

I don't drive so I'd take the really gay sounding drink.

egan said...

I'd go with the Shasta since I haven't had one in so long. Do they still make Shasta?

Christielli said...

I have never owned a car in my life. I cannot afford to park a car where I live.

I do enjoy lattes often. Perhaps if I gave up the lattes, I could afford to park said car, and I could have a car.

So, I think I've already made the choice. :)

Keshi said...

nah I wont give up my coffee for a ways! Instead I'd find a way to have em both :)


Outdoorsy Girl said...

I have spent the majority of my adulthood enjoying the small things and appreciating them fully. I truly am happy being that way.

But as of late, I have been contemplating risk with the possiblitiy of losing some smaller pleasures in life in hopes of achieving something bigger.

Who knows what I will decide or what will happen...

Queue_t said...

I am a little things lover- oh I loved shasta black cherry, do you still buy this soda??- though I also confes to having a cobra mustang- we own an older one. so maybe I should really confess to having my cake and eating it too? ?

hope you get what ever your heart desires these days. QT

The Grunt said...

Everyone~ All valid comments. I approve.

Crystal said...

just do it. have sex already.

remember, it's easier to get forgiveness than permission.

from God.

Karyn said...

This is far too situational for me to answer.

I want the car.
I want the soda.

It would depend so much on if the magic car comes with a guarantee to never run out of gas, never break down, never make scary noise or emit smoke. It would depend on whether I might get sick of the soda one day, or if we are assuming it to be true that I would not.

Fuck it. Take the car, grab the soda, and have at it.

LindzyPinzy said...

ive never heard of that kinda soda sounds damn good right though yummmmm...

I enjoy the little things in seems that the more stuff I acquire just seems to cloud things up. Material things don't cause happines it takes away

good to be back grunty

Jules said...

I almost never miss the small stuff.

egan said...

I love it when you approve.

Anonymous said...
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