Monday, April 16, 2007

A bad case of the...

Yeeeeeah, Grunty, I guess I'm gonna have to ask you to come in early today. Mmmm'okaaay.

Some notes:
Got rid of some links to no longer existing blogs on my sidebar and added one changed (Chikken's). My You Tube sidebar feature is still Jerry Lollar kicking Andy Kauffman's ass on the David Letterman Show. I really need to change it because it has already been on there for a month. I will be telling you all about Scary Monster's visit soon. I just need to get the photos off the camera that I used (not my camera). Tomorrow, I will do a Grunt Ahoy version of a Food Network show-meets-Spaghetti Western-meets-Star Trek. I would've had that all ready last night but I was too busy watching "Man versus Nature" episodes, The Sopranos, and the Korean revenge classic "Old Boy".

I had a box of Xerox paper fall off a stack (three feet above my head) and it hit me in the face, nearly knocking me out. This happened on Friday and I still feel like I got into a fight. Upon remembering what it feels like to get blindsided in the cranium, I no longer have any desires to engage in fisticuffs. That shit hurts.

Two people I know well have been hit by cars last week. One of those was hit by his own car. Two people that I knew somewhat died last week.

I was doing some yard work last week and stepped on a damn rake. It wasn't as funny as when it happens in Tom and Jerry cartoons. Well, it was fargking hilarious for anybody watching, I guess.

I'm seeing Morrissey in concert on my unhappy birthday, May 8th. I managed to trick a hot girl into going with me. This makes the rake and the box of paper to the head much easier to deal with.

My creativity has been aching to get away from blogging. I'm feeling limited. I don't think I will stop blogging, but I am certainly pondering scaling it back. I need to get paid for my beautiful, twisted mind. I am a mind slut. I give it out for free.

Okay, I hope you liked that last joke. You all run along now and have a good "Mooonday".


vera said...

Aye, it's Monday...
However I wasn't hit in the face with boxes of Xerox paper, so I'm feeling rather great...
I did pick up "Once Upon A Time In The West" (LOVE IT!!); "Sleepy Hollow"; "Sin City" and "The Dark Crystal" today...
Wow... Hrmmm...
El Distracto at the moment... I keep thinking about my trip to the UK... you would have love helping the old lady find her grandmother's burial plot in this brambled cemetary I visited... The amazing thing is we found it! I'm good with maps...


Crystal said...

1. I am going to see Morrissey too at the end of May!!! I am going with the Hambone and 6 other guys who are not my boyfriend...who all happen to be straight (wouldn't have thought that from the artist - no offense to you and your great music taste, grunty).

2. Quit hurting yourself.

3. I saw Office Space twice on Comedy Central yesterday!!! now pimpin ain't easy but it's necessary, so i'm chasin bitches like tom chased jerry

"K" Fingerett said...

Hello Mr. Grunt Man ^_^

Just thought I'd stop by and say that.

I've been reading a few of your posts while in my anatomy class. Its only fun on days where we get to cut things open but yeah... I cant really type too much in that class because the keys make WAY too much noise in that room for some reason... maybe its just me ( I really do think its just me) but they seem to sound extra loud in that room.

So yeah- the most I'll do is click around, scroll down and try not to smile too big or laugh too hard ^_^

And yeah... I'm with Crystal- quit hurting yourself. Yeesh.

Anywho- thanks a bunch for stopping by- I've been super busy (as usual) but I really do appreciate you taking the time to stop by.]


Scary Monster said...

Me were partying with the Cap'n.
Me sorry to forget about putting the rake back after me were through with it.
You not supposed to use yer face to block things, man.
Iffin you get paid to put out then you be a whore. Stay slutty then at least you get to keep yer self respect.

Don't STOMP on the grass!

Keshi said...

Grunty I tried scaling it back too...its very hard to do :)


The Grunt said...

Vera~ Sounds like I need to get a plane ticket and have video night at your place. Yes, I could have been a great asset to your UK adventures. No graveyard is to creepy for me!

Chica~ Great musical tastes think alike. That is really cool. We will have to compare concert notes and such. Yeah, I never thought Hambone to be gay. I will stop hurting myself when girls stop kissing me better. I was watching Office Space on Comedy Central Sunday too! Cool beans.

"K"~ I am glad that you are still a part of Gruntonia. Just drop by anytime and let me know when you post. Anatomy class is the best place to read my posts, for sure.

SM~ Yes, and you rocked! I can't wait to get it all together for a post and send you the pics.

Keshi~ Well, I just feel bad that I don't get much time to visit you and my other blog mates.

Jules said...

Jesus, Grunty - you're lucky you don't have a concussion. Sheessh. Time to switch jobs. Did the rake go through your foot too, or just hit you in the already sore face?

Christielli said...

At least you only stepped on one rake, not 13 like Sideshow Bob.

Sorry to hear about the car accidents.

The Grunt said...

Jules~ You would've laughed at me.

Christielli~ That would not have been cool. Thanks for caring about me and my peeps in real life.

Karyn said...

A MIND slut... oh damn, I had it wrong all this time...

A box o copy paper - dang, man, that shit hurts! You ok?

Sorry about the death cloud hanging around you - I relate to that.

Those effing rakes - there oughta be a law about stepping on 'em, cos no, it is NOT funny. It is REALLY not funny when there are witnesses or when you wind up with a red mark on your forehead. Stupid yard work.