Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I thought I was going to get to bed early...

But I decided to do a post anyway.

I'm enjoying listening to Manic Street Preachers lately, especially their song "Tsunami".

My life and the people that I meet each day is becoming all too Sesame Street, lately. I love it. I am finally really letting myself enjoy people that I, for what ever reason, did not care about before.

There are some really beautiful women around my area. Thank you, God! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Santa Claus!!!

Mayberry rocks.

I think wherever you are it can be like that. You just have to open your eyes. If it isn't like that, well then it sucks to be you.

I'm not perfect, but I do like cheese.

ESP is for the lazy. To send a message, try shouting real freaking loud while running toward someone. I think it will work much better that way.

Manna falling to earth is just what the supermarkets in heaven were throwing away. I hear fresh manna is so good that mortals crap ambrosia after digesting it.

I have no idea what ambrosia is.

Will someone please help me tie my shoe? See, right there I was pretending to be three years old. It's a gift.

The turkey's done. Time for bed.


Princess Banter said...

Haha I love your deliciously random post! And I especially like the Sesame Street bit -- I feel like my world's turning out into one too. But mine's more of the part where it's getting filled with colorful monsters who think they're cute :P I can still deal though ;) Hope you ended up having a good night's sleep!

Scary Monster said...

Did someone mention colorful, cute Monsters???

Eh,Hem. Open your eyes and see the beauty around you.
Open your mouth and let words of love and wisdom flow.
Open your heart and maybe someone will tie your shoe.
Just don't open your fortune cookie before you are finished with your meal, it's bad luck.


vera said...

Your life is a freakin' Diane Warren song.

Scott said...

I was walking around Toronto and there are a lot of pretty women here as well... I was thanking whomever is responsible for such things.


Barbarian02003 said...

Ambrosia is the jello-like substance that allows the Gods (and any mortals who eat it) into the world of the Gods (heaven, if you're into that). It is sweet and often compared to peaches.

Crystal said...

i like cheese too.

Karyn said...

You are such a nut... I am so fond of you, Grunty.

Clearlykels said...

Now, I want a turkey and cheese sandwhich.

LindzyPinzy said...

youre a turkey

Always on the Move said...

But I did run towards you this weekend, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs and all you did was shake you head and mumbled something about that girl being a beautiful freak or something?!?! At least I think I heard Beautiful! You turned your head and kept looking at me...why didn't you follow me, why, why, why????????? Then you went ahead an posted about that idea and it just came from what you experienced this weekend!!!!! NICE!!!!
Major lol!!!!
I'm not a freak, but I wanna be!!!
Wanna join me on Sesame Street some day????
And How are YOU doing?????

the one and only...... said...

Me post is up Cap'n. Hope you like it.


Jules said...

The most important sentence here in this whole thing is that you do like cheese.

The Grunt said...

Princess Banter~ Do I know you from somewhere? Anyway, I welcome you to your new home, Grunt Ahoy!

SM~ That is some wisdom there, man.

Vera~ Oooooooh, slammmmmm! Are you trying to say that there is a lot of "if" in my life? You know that KISS recorded one of her songs. Ok, you can go back to mind daggering people to death in your office.

Scott~ True dat!

Barbarian~ So, it totally makes sense. Thanks!

Chica~ Well, that makes two of us. Once upon a time a man and a woman discussed how to make a cheddar flavored gum. Can you remember that?

Karyn~ Well, gosh, I am fond of you as well.

Kels~ I will fix you a virtual turkey and cheese sandwich. Do you want mayo?

AOTM~ I thought I heard something. That was you, huh?

SM~ I saw and I enjoyed. Very cool.

Jules~ You get a gold star on your forehead now.

Crystal said...

grunt - yuuuuf-ckingummmmmmmmmy