Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wax Potting Tames Squealing

Have you ever felt microphonic? You get a signal or a tap on the shoulder and it makes you scream: Have things that touched you only resulted in you touching back harder? It isn't your fault that you bounce back what comes your way--you just do it louder.

I can honestly say that I did not feel sexy today.

Wonder Woman left her lasso here. Does anybody know a number where I can reach her?

Has a stray dog ever looked so deep into your soul that you gave it all of your money, even your traveler's checks?

I want my epitaph to read, "Died while eating a cannoli."

Mountain Dew and a Snickers Bar may very well contribute to a sudden burst of energy that will enable me to rescue a family from a burning house someday. This is why I will continue this routine for my entire life.

Metal film resistors are much better at reducing noise levels in audio than carbon composition types. They are more temperature stable as well. Come on, I thought at least one of you would find this information useful.

Has a stray dog ever looked so deeply into your soul that you found yourself naked the next morning in a hotel room with no idea how you got there, or where "there" is?

Wax Potting Tames Squealing.


goldennib said...

The old stream of consciousness sure is flowing strong. What's with the stray dogs? Just take one home already. You know you want a puppy.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Stray dogs really reach deep down into your soul, don't they?

You make my heart for strays appear awfully cold. The best I've ever done was chase around a stray dog in a park offering him my McDonald's hamburger. The stray cats around my apartment complex's dumpster love me....yet I've never found myself naked the next morning for any animal--even those poor little kitties that wait for me to drop my garbage off and give me that longing stare.

somewhere joe said...

I feel ya, G. I'm hopelessly microphonic. And I, for one, am changing out all my carbon composition resistors today.

Scott said...

Okay, I am a little creeped out by the stuff with the dogs G.

I am doing great by the way. Having a good time and all that good stuff. How about you? Still fighting the good fight?


Logophile said...

I'm sorry that stray dog took all your money, took pleasure of you and deserted you, that's just heart breaking, you poor thing.

Mountain Dew is nectar of the gods and thou shalt consume it in reverent fear and trembling and rejoice, dammit!
Metal film it.
What would I use that for again?

Barbarian02003 said...

I want what you're smoking.

vera said...

in soviet russia you take the gun and leave the cannoli...

sorry... i had a minor Yakov Smirnoff moment...


Karyn said...

Allrighty - one at a time here.

Microphonic? Yes. (Also. Side note: For my 3rd birthday, all I wanted was a microphone. Got one, too.)

Stray dog - yes. Metaphorically. Now I don't know how to make it go away.

Is Cannoli a creative euphemism for something else?

Mountain Dew & Snickers! Breakfast of Champions! I can't eat Snickers anymore...but I say go with it!

Metal film resistors - well duh, who didn't know that. Jeeze.

Stray dog - already answered this. And now am in danger of becoming one myself. Arf.

Wax potting tames squealing - is that even a sentence or is it a series of random words?

I gotta get me some of that mountain air. Salt air is good too but dang, I want some of what Grunt is having.

Scary Monster said...

Unfortunately Me rarly feels sexy, which is why me usually be the stray dog. Thank god for the discovery of the Martini. Me will not even touch your cannoli, Me will probably die from stomping on a rusty nail.
Does the Mountain Dew give you more energy to run or a greater volume of pee for the fire?

Scary Monster said...

outdoorsy gurl got a new avatar.
Not flirting, honestly! Hmmmmmm.

Scary Monster said...

outdoorsy gurl got a new avatar.
Not flirting, honestly! Hmmmmmm.

Keshi said...

**Mountain Dew and a Snickers Bar may very well contribute to a sudden burst of energy that will enable me to rescue a family from a burning house someday

Spot on mate ;-) I love Mountain Dew.


The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Yes, it was flowing. I love puppies, but my landlord won't let me have any dogs. Boo!

O-Girl~ They do, them and some homeless people. I mean, when they cough up blood all over you after basically giving you a mugging, what's not to fall in love with? Your little story about your attempts at feeding things made me laugh.

Joe~ Cool, then I am not alone in this. You know, metal film resistors are the bee's knees, but if you want serious audio performance, shell out the $$$ for some tantalum film types. Somewhere, there is an audiophile geek masturbating to this paragraph.

Scott~ I am fighting the good fight and it is good that you are excelling at life and such. I don't think that I have ever touched an animal inappropriately. I've had tons of them try to hump me, though. What is up with that?

Logo~ Thanks for understanding me and also for being a Dew drinker in arms. Use metal film resistors for picking your teeth. Actually, carbon film (not composition) resistors are a good compromise for sound quality, low noise, and economy. Metal film resistors are the quietest and most stable, but can be a tad spikey and occasionally cold--at best they are transparent. Tantalums rock my ears. I totally went on that tangent to annoy whoever read this. Oh, don't even get me started on capacitors.

Barbarian~ There are some words in the English language that are totally invisible to my eyes. It is a psycho somatic disorder in which I subconsciously blank out certain words. I am told that the words and contractions (and I will have to have someone type them for me) "smoking", "what", and "'re" are some of them (thanks Jeeves). So, what I read is this, Barbarian: "I want you!" Gosh lady, does your husband know about this obsession of yours? Okay, that was a little far to go for a stupid joke.

Vera~ Either that or a Smirnoff moment. I like you either way.

Karyn~ Stray dogs have magical powers, much like leprechauns. Cannoli is just cannoli, but I would love to die while eating pussy. I just think my grandkids wouldn't like to know that their grandpa was "eating out" the night he died. I get salt air as well as mountain air. Two miles from where I live is the stinkiest, saltiest lake around, aside from the Dead Sea.

SM~ I'm thinking that the Mountain Dew would give you both sufficient pee and energy for fire fighting. Don't worry, nobody touches my cannoli. Yes, O-Girl is quite the darling gal, and I have indeed confirmed that in real life.

Keshi~ We keep finding more things in common with each other. It's very cool.