Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random posties

It's been awhile since I've shown my face around here. I had this one on file ready to go for some time. I swear my hand his larger than my head. Just think, I can make love to that man anytime I want. Oh, the lengths I will go for a joke. Ahahahaha...length!

I was thinking about virgin drinks, like margaritas and such. Well, there must be some kind of "virgin" substitute for supposed and real deviant sexual behaviors. I would like to suggest chocolate as a way of having a "Virgin Dirty Sanchez" performed on you or given to your mate. Tootsie Rolls will also make a great "Virgin Abraham Lincoln", that is if you are in a pinch. Ahahahaha...pinch!

I am thinking of a fictional guest star to have on my blog. I was thinking that maybe I should have a priest or minister that tries to be all hip and shit---you know, the type that tries too hard to put the mack on the ladies and down with the youth and all. I think I already have a real life example of such a person to base this on. I plan on having more than one guest star on my blog. I'd even let you, yes one of you, guest host my blog for a day or two. Help me out with this, alright? I know that Christielli has dibs on me first with this guest appearance by a fictional/or real-impersonated character thing, so get in line. Ahahahaha...thing!


Scary Monster said...

Are you going to bring the father Guido Sarducci back to life?
Grunt the possibilities are endless. You could have a school princpal instead of a priest. He be, ya know, dressin like the students and tryin to hook up with the girls in the hall. Or maybe a lovestruck astronaut that goes a little wacko...Uh been done already, O.K. How about this.....

Scary Monster said...

P.S. Maybe it be me machine, but yer sidebar don gone dropped outta sight. Me thinks it were spotted waaaay down at the bottom of yer page.

goldennib said...

What's an Abraham Lincoln? What's a Dirty Sanchez?

We had a priest in the 70's who thought he was cool: young, hip, officiating in purples and oranges and playing guitar during mass. Didn't do much for me. But I haven't been known for my coolness.

vera said...

I won't tell you what I'm thinking b/c it's just too wrong! Heh...

PS: I believe a fondu would work well for the Dirty Sanchez... Toberlone (with nougat) anyone?

Clearlykels said...

I was trying to take that picture and imagine you with hair to your shoulders as a kid-- couldn't do it. This is good hair.

Karyn said...

Gaa! That is so funny but so sick... lol... GREAT picture - what a cutie. Nice. Hands. Can we hear you talk if we click on that photo??? LOL. I have to go find out what an Abraham Lincoln is now...

The Grunt said...

SM~ I like your ideas, mate. I don't know where my sidebar is on your computer. It seems to be fine on mine. Wow, I think this shows aptitude towards becoming a world leader!

Nessa~ You don't want to know, but if you do, go ask Crystal. I think most priests are uncool and a little creepy. It is the priestly way, I suppose.

Vera~ Fondue works if you are into scalding heat. That is taking the "virgin" concept a notch higher. I tip my hat to you. Raawr! I'm a grizzly bear. I like playing this game.

Kels~ Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I might show of my "Nicholas" from "Eight is Enough" hair from when I was a kid, but never my bad stoner hair picture from my teens. It would ruin all the hard work I've done to repair my image since then.

Karyn~ Thanks for the assessment of my handsomeness. I will have to figure out how to do a sound byte just for you. As for the Abraham Lincoln, you don't want to know and I am sorry that I do--not from personal experience, though. I'm such a square!

Karyn said...

Um - yeah - Grunt? If there is one thing you're not? It's square. ;)

LindzyPinzy said...

happy valentines Grunt and your not kidding, those are some huge ass hands!!

Christielli said...

Could I suggest Reverend Lovejoy?

ps Thanks for the card. My coworkers saw me open it and liked it. Thank goodness it was SFW.

somewhere joe said...

Grunt, you handsome devil - but really, that's The Hand That Ate Cleveland !

(good thing I'm a photog and understand what wide angle lenses do)

Keshi said...

came to return the favor...HUGGGGGGGGGZ m MWAHHHHHHHHZ! :)

**I swear my hand his larger than my head

LOL okk we believe ya!

nice pic btw. I took a photo of me from my mobile fone this morning. I put it up in my blog too :):).

Guest star? wow! Will I get that honro some day ha?

Have a 'virgin' weekend ;-)

Keshi said...



Outdoorsy Girl said...
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Outdoorsy Girl said...

Yes, I did notice your hand size. And I experienced it first hand. (hahaha..DOH! That was just bad) But you also know I have freaky, bendy fingers so it's cool.

I'd totally tune into an interview with the lady mackin' priest. I'd also enjoy an interview with Freddy of the Scooby Doo gang. He's been discussed on here before...his relationship(?) with Daphne, his sexual orientation, and the true statement behind the ascot. He's been exposed as TIGF material. But don't you think it's time we hear it from the man himself? I think this is one mystery we meddlin' kids need to uncover.

Jules said...

hmmm, where have I seen that pic before. I think you're busted buddy! :O)

cindra said...

I wanna know why you know all this naughty stuff that the rest of us don't know?!?!?!

And what a SWEETHEART. Great pic!

And...I am enjoying the music you sent...Tom is cursing because he's not had time to sit down and listen...and I'm telling you...when he gets a moment it will be for servicing me..and then he can listen...or maybe we can listen during...yeah!

anyway, we are both diggin' what we've been hearing.


P.S. my yahoo chat went belly up. help. that's why i've been gone.

The Grunt said...

Karyn~ I'm square like a peg, baby.

Lindzy~ My huge ass hands will someday rule a medium-sized village of little people.

Christielli~ Is that your final request? I'll let you come up with a few more, then we'll decide. I'm glad you liked the B-day card.

Joe~ Yeah, you understand the effect there. My fingers are not long, but my palms are massive. When I clap I can deafen most people quite easily. You know, being called handsome from another man is something that I appreciate, now that I am more mature. I think it is a more reliable measure than hearing it from a woman, in some cases--more objective.

Keshi~ If you want to guest blog here give me an email and we can work something out, ok? I like the virtual huggs. Keep them coming!

O-Girl~ Yeah, you saw me shift a big manly man pickup truck with those hands, too. I will consider Fred.

Jules~ No, you have seen it. Wait, I don't remember, but if I have posted it here before it needed to do another appearance.

Cindra~ I will consider posting some links to definitions of these things. I'm glad you are digging the music. I'm sorry your Yahoo isn't working. I will find a way to bother you soon;)

egan said...

Jack Bauer, is that you? Save me. You look like Sporty Spice.

Jules said...

Grunty - I dared you to take a pic late one night, spontaneous-like, and send it. This is the one you sent me then. Busted! I still love you.

The Grunt said...

Egan~ Ha, I wish I were Jack. BTW, I was first going for Posh Spice, but couldn't pull it off. I just wanted David Beckham's money.

Jules~ Well, I took the damn thing, and I can do what I want with it:P Yeah, thanks, it does feel good to know that I'm loved--for realsies--thanks.

Photogirl said...

Grunty, I'd be happy to help you out with the guest star thing. As a photography, I'd also be happy to explain why your hand appears to be so big.

Oh, you don't want them to know the truth?

Doh! Sorry...I'll keep my mouth shut then.

Photogirl said...

correction to above post.

Should read: "as a photographer."

I guess I got excited and prematurely posted. I hate when that happens!

The Grunt said...

Celeste~ I think that would be cool for you to guest blog. I am coming up with a plan.