Thursday, February 08, 2007

All better!

I got things sorted out with my buddy Dr. Vollewraithe, and he will be moving his stuff out of my place onto his new blog here. He really isn't for everyone. I personally loathe the man, but what can you do?

My totally new profile has left me with very few profile views. As a man who is obsessed with numbers, especially the number seven, I need you all to keep looking at my profile so that I feel popular.

I have changed my Youtube on the sidebar. It is The Buzzcocks live in 2006, doing their classic song "Orgasm Addict". They absolutely kick ass. I can't believe they are now in their 50s.

Just for added pleasure, here is the Bollywood "Thriller". It is highly addicting.


Scary Monster said...

Damn, Grunt. You really took me back in time with the sidebar. Now Me is diggin into me records for stiff little fingers and Sham 69 Looks like Me will be pissing the neighbors off tonight.

Me killed bambi...

Karyn said...

Okay. I'm going to read your profile. Repeatedly. Does that help?

I want to ask about the number 7 but I get the feeling it might be inappropriate to do so... ah, the conflict!

Pokey said...

Thriller Bollywood style rocks my socks. I am over here at my desk laughing so loud..people are looking me like I am crazy but who cares? Thanks Grunty

egan said...

Is that the Indian Michael Jackson guy? I've seen that guy before and he cracks me up.

Hey, why would we be looking at your profile if you we already love you? I will check it again so you're numbers will rise. Erections are a good thing and so are loin cloths.

Gentleman-hobbs said...

At least he's not as screwwed up as Jacko. Lets face it Jacko will never get an OK on the Parental Guidance front.

Logo™ said...

Alright, I went over and gave you some of the sweet stuff(profile views).
Was it good for you?

Scott said...

Excellent choice of the Buzzcocks!

Love the bollywood Thriller.


Jules said...

I just chalked up a few prof views for you too. With the help of everyone, you'll be back in your comfort zone soon!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Loved the Thriller!

I also participated in making your numbers rise with a profile viewing. That's how much I care about your popularity. I'm such a good friend.

somewhere joe said...

LOL He's the Weird Al of Bollywood!

Keshi said...

LOL haha @Bolly thriller!


The Grunt said...

SM~ You just rattled off some of my favorite punk bands from the late '70s.

Karyn~ Thanks! I think the number seven is the best number because it can 77 itself, which is similar to 69'ing, only dirtier.

Pokey~ I do what I can to make people at your work think you are certifiable.

Egan~ You are too good. Thanks for making my numbers rise. Loin cloths for everybody!

Hobbs~ Michael Jackson should get some kind of award for being so freaking demented.

Logo~ Damn girl, it was good!

Scott~ Yeah, I thought you'd be one to dig them. They are absolutely brilliant and their music doesn't age.

Jules~ I like comfort almost as much as I like zones. Putting them together is just plain heavenly.

O-girl~ Yes, you are such a good friend. Besides, no one else here has had dinner with me. That is like a trophy or something.

Joe~ Yeah, now that you mention it, he does remind me of Weird Al.

Keshi~ Bollywood is amazing. I mean, I watch it and think to myself, "This is incredibly dumb", but I find that I can't get myself away from it. It is addicting.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Is that a trophy for me or you? ;)