Thursday, December 14, 2006

TIGF!!!(That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Rhinestones

What more can I say? The King of TIGF!!!, Liberace, pretty much covered everything he owned in them, even his butler. Have you seen Liberace's piano and Rolls Royce? Wow!

Another thing not so TIGF!!! in a good way, are those Fiberglas buffalo that you see painted all sorts of ungodly in front of city buildings across America. This one here was done up like Elvis in a rhinestone jumpsuit:

Well, maybe it is a bit kitsch, but still TIGF!!! in the bad way, I think.

So many uses for this diamond also ran. You can put them on your denim wear, sunglasses, cell phone, purse, gay man scarf; hell, I bet there is even a rhinestone party hat, and not the one that says, "Happy 9th Birthday!" If it does, then we will all kick your ass to your prison cell where a man named "Bubba" awaits to show you just how efficient a trunk packer he is.

The thing that puts the cherry on top of the rhinestone (as if this were even possible) is the movie that bears its name:

What more can I add here? Do they make a rhinestone soda, perhaps? If not, who wants to invent one with me?

(Okay, I changed the Youtube embed on my sidebar. I found a clip of Jimmy Kimmel, when he was on "The Man Show", doing his Karl Malone impersonation. Enjoy, and let me know what you thought of it. I actually found a clip of Karl doing a fried chicken add for Hardees. It is way un-PC for today's world. I will have to post that one sometime soon for y'all. Ooh, and I finally found out how to post comments on Beta Blogger, if they allow anonymous comments. You have to sign out of your old Blogger account first, then you can sign in as "Other", put your desired name in and your web address in. It works, but you don't get to have an avatar. If you don't allow anonymous comments on Beta Blogger, I haven't figured out how to leave comments there. I think if I start up a Google account, then I can sign in that way. Give me some time to figure it out. I am sure there is a way around/through all this mess.)


Jules said...

I do, but what's a catchy name? Rhine-alicious.. it might not attract enough people. Plus, if we put real rhinestones in the soda, it will hurt. So maybe the marketing campaign needs to be something like: Rhine-alicious.... the sparkliest beverage you'll ever taste.

Yeah, that's lame. I know. It's late and that's my only excuse. At least I tried! LOL!

Logophile said...

You know what I say about the Beta Blogger bastardidity?
Screw 'em! (the Google folks, not the bloggers, I love the bloggers, bloggers are lovely)
I will NOT kowtow to their attempts to rule the world.
I will live proud and free and if the bastards keep it up I will migrate the rest of my content to wordpress and set up camp there.

Was Liberace fully human? I think he was one of those human/alien hybrids that went horribly wrong. Was his blood green?

Issy said...

Oh no! Don't bash poor Libby! Grunt, your post was priceless today. Pat yourself on the back for me would ya?

Rhinestones in soda. . . hmmm. Actually it could be done. You could make them out of a candy like Jolly Ranchers and put them in the drink or package it so that there was a bag attached at the top with the candy and then insert (I love that word. . . so dirty!) them into the said can or said bottle and whal-a! Rhinestone soda! Jules, I agree with you on the hurting thing. But I think I would hurt myself only if I was way drunk with this idea.

Trundling Grunt said...

Whoo, this place is freakily like home. This is weird.

Thomas said...

TGIF then!

Christielli said...

Yo, thanks for digging my weirdness.

I'm not a fan of the beta either. I find that if you write a comment when you're not signed in, it will erase the comment while you have to sign in, and then you lose the comment. I have lost many the really good thought-provoking comment on account of this.

Rhinestone soda? Would that not be a choking hazard?

I think you need a rhinestone gun my friend... You know the one that allows you to write something like "Disco Stu" on the back of a denim jacket.

Chief Scientist said...

Liberace was GAY?

Man, I didn't see that coming.

Keshi said...


TGIF then!

Anonymous said...

well, Liberace was believably gay. not incredibly.

The Grunt said...

I love you all, but I don't have time to respond to everybody.

I will welcome my long-lost blogger brother, Trundling Grunt. Check out his blog, people, when you have a chance. He and I are tripping about how much we have in common already. For those who thought I was him, it's not, but thanks for pointing him out. I like my fellow grunts.

goldennib said...

We don't have the painted buffalos, we have dogs that are painted all sorts of unnatural.

Liberace loved his mommy, even without rhinestones.

One Girl In A Big World said...

Now I have a flickr acct!
As if I weren't addicted enough to the blog!
LOL :)

Photogirl said...

I need sunglasses just to look at that shiny picture!

blog Portland said...

Don't lie Grunty; we all know that you own a BeDazzler.