Thursday, December 28, 2006

It really isn't necessary, but if you must...

There is a town in Northern England called "Pity Me". The story goes that a Bishop, or something like that, was walking through this pretty valley and had become quite exhausted. He exclaimed, "Oh, pity me", and his posse noticed that and later gave that valley the name Pity Me. So, I have sat down in Pity Me and exclaimed "Oh, pity me" before. Let me tell you, it is worth the trip.

I will get to all of your comments and blogs in time, dear friends. I have had some heavy contemplation about my life and it has made it hard for me to visit and comment. You know, there are things that you can want so bad, but can never have. Who or what puts that want in you? I need that want in areas that will help me build my empire. Want. Rufus Wainwright did a pair of albums about want, didn't he? I will have to read those lyrics and see if it makes any sense to me. Maybe I need pity for my want--my want of things I can't have. If faith is a knowledge of things never seen, then want is a desire for things never had. Well, that is not accurate, but it can surely feel that way sometimes. Maybe it is the feeling that you will never have again that bums you out.

What do you want?

I hope it isn't pity.




Scary Monster said...

When you need a break, you can always come by to Me place, set a while and have a few beers in peace and quiet.

Stomp (Softly)

somewhere joe said...

I don't think they'll be naming that town where I got a ticket for going six miles over the speed limit after what I shouted when the cop left.

Scott said...

Hang in there, enjoy your contemplation we all need such times.


Issy said...

Do we want love or cheese or lovely cheese? Either way, cheese is the bomb!

This is a little tid bit of advise. If there's something that I want, I just go get it. If it's a long term goal, I have more trouble with it. If it's a person, good luck. I used to think I could wrap anyone around my little finger but as I've gotten older, not the case. Ever heard the phrase "Young, dumb and full of c*m?" I told my old supervisor yesterday "Your old dusty and pretty rusty!" I got smacked for that one!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I'll take AND cheese. But if I can only choose one I guess it will have to be cheese. haha.

Good luck with mulling around everything you need to in your mind. This time of the year, so near the end, usually leaves me re-thinking and comtemplating things in my life. At first, I am only thinking about the present year. Then I think about what the next year will hold (or what I HOPE it will hold) and then, somehow, it turns into me re-evaluating my entire life.

I do hope it's the good thoughts taking over in your head right now. :)

Logophile said...

Ja know what my papa used to tell me?
"It's good to want things. It lets you know you're alive."

Alive and kicking, eh, Grunt?

Karyn said...

The wanting is organic. Nobody puts it there; it is intrinsic to us. Or to me, anyway.

I can't say what I want. This is a family blog.

cindra said...

Grunty-the want is inevitable. we don't always want what is good for us, or what we need though, and that's where the hard part just gotta let go and let the way show the way. you are right where you should be right uncomfortable as it may be. you have a good head, and a good heart, and a really weird sense of humor,'s all gonna be just fine soon enough.

I want my MTV. not really. i would rather have cheese.

Jules said...

I want ... yeah, I'm ... I want... ummm, okay. Seems I can't say what I want either (re: karyn's family blog reference). I want to be able to call someone: Stinky Cheese Man, like in the last Koontz book I read, without him getting offended. There. That's a want having to do with cheese. But it's not what I really want.

NYD said...

Hey there Grunt.
You have the "want" it's always been there. It's what drove us out of our mothers womb and into this world. What you might need is to let the wind out of your sail for a bit and get your bearings. Once you set your course, "wants" will take care of themselves.

Pity looks like a small town in that picture you posted. I guess there's a reason for that.

P.S.Go check out scary's place.

Candace said...

I do want cheese, but what I really want is BILLY!

Sorry. I've got nothing profound. (not that I ever do)

Bugs said...

I'll go the cheese ONLY if it's Wild Wasabi Cheese

But lacking that daily necessity,I'll go the beeeer and a lush green paddock full of sheep or cows,with a gentle breeze wafting the scent of a nearby beach across the grass with nary a sound but for the trees swishing above my head.

The Grunt said...

Scary Monster~ I did come over and it really did help, thanks. I don't drink anymore, but I do love watching people get soused. I bet watching monsters get drunk is even better.

Somewhere Joe~ But, it would be awesome if they did.

Scott~ Yes, I will. Thanks man!

Issy~ Cheese is da bomb! You know, I like the cut of your jib.

O-Girl~ Yeah, we need to self-evaluate in order to know who we are. Good luck on your end.

Logo~ Yes I am!

Karyn~ I love organic stuff. You can say what you want to me in an email. Does that work?

Cindra~ Yes, I feel truth in what you said. It will be interesting to see how I choose to act this coming year. Cheese rules!

Jules~ You want a red bike. Am I right?

NYD~ Yes, want is intrinsic and I am glad that I have it. I took your advice, btw.

Candace~ I think many people want Billy, but we are all going to have to get in line.

Bugs~ Wasabi cheese? Sounds dangerous and by dangerous, I mean good.

goldennib said...

Very wise of you to realize we sometimes need to redirect our want urges. I like that. I must ponder.

Christielli said...

Happy contemplation... I enjoyed the story about Pity Me.

The Grunt said...

Hey, Nessa, Christielli, I have missed you two. Where are my kisses?