Thursday, December 07, 2006

TIGF!!!(That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Dyke Hair!

Okay, I have been bugged that I have not represented the Birkenstock bunch on TIGF!!! Well, all you that pestered me, here you go. I don't know what else to say other than that dyke hair is a not just a haircut: it's a lifestyle.

So far, we have the flat top, and the "Flock of Seagulls", sported by none other than our friend Rosie. What is the crowning achievement of dike hair?

She-mullets/fe-mullets, whatever they are, they are TIGF!!! Especially Brigitte Neilsen in "Red Sonja". Can you imagine her, Rosie, and Grace Jones in a three-way? If you don't know who Grace Jones is *ugh*, well then let me enlighten you newbies:

I admit that this post was low-hanging fruit for me, meh.


goldennib said...

Do you remeber when Grace Jones beat up Gov. Arnold?

And those haircuts do not look good on anyone.

goldennib said...

Remember when Grace Jones beat up Gov. Arnold.

And those haircuts don't look good on anyone.

Jules said...

Isn't it spelled Dyke? Hmmm... the fe-mullet... SO HOT! NOT!!!

Logophile said...

OK, so, earlier this year I got my hair cut pretty short. My sister took one look and said, "What, the motorcycle riding and carrying your wallet in your back pocket wasn't dyke enough for you?"

Feel the love

Issy said...

You need to start a new post titled "Dyke Fashion" featuring none other than our good ol buddy Ellen!

vera said...

omg i LOVE red sonja!!!!!
arnold and brigitte made a great pair!

Vollewraithe said...

Arrrgh! The black one stole my left nut and wears it around her neck. It's hard out here for a viking.

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Yes I do and no they don't! =D

Jules~ Yes, it is spelled "Dyke" and I made corrections. Thanks:)

Logo~ ROFLMAO @ you and that image.

Issy~ I just might. Would you want to be a contributer to such a thing?

Vera~ Yeah, that movie was like "Estronan, the Barbarian".

cindra said...

I live in dyke central. This no give you the schwing? I cannot imagine why not.

I love everyone and freedom of expression. Some chicks look great in these dos. Some do not.

And I always wonder why manhating dykes (not all of them, I'm not stereo typing) try to look like men? I have to tread lightly here because of all my dyke friends...but is all too often I see women who emulate men...when they profess so loudly to dislike them so.

Photogirl said...


I'm with Cindra on this one. If you like chicks, why go for chicks who look like boys!?

Keshi said...

U like guy-kinda chicks? aww then u wont like me :(


The Grunt said...

Cindra~ Yeah, I have been to Portland, but not Eugene, and know of what you speak.

Celeste~ Ditto!

Keshi~ I was joking! Me likey girly girls!!!

Keshi said...

goodo! :)


cindra said...

Grunt-thanks for pointing out the exact town in which i live so people can come and kill me if they want. sheesh. you are supposed to be looking out for me. way to go.