Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Squeal! I've been tagged: Six weird things about Grunt

Jules tagged me and now I'm s'posed ta do this thingy
  1. I love Kate Bush. I simply am bewitched by this woman. This isn't normal for a guy that can tear down old cars and build them back up again, better, stronger, faster, is it? I also shoot guns. Will my manhood ever be secure? I was hooked right upon first hearing the haunting and emotional "Wuthering Heights" (click here for video). It was in Keighley, of all places, just down the road from Haworth where Charlotte Bronte penned her novel bearing the name and supplying the inspiration of that song. Ever since, I am transported to that time and place when I hear Wuthering Heights and I am overcome with emotion. Seriously. That is a whole 'nother post, folks.
  2. I love Marmite on toast. The same goes for Vegamite.
  3. I like the sensation of scalding water on my hands.
  4. My ability to intuitively sense what people need emotionally is scary. I swear I check every morning to make sure my boys are firmly attached.
  5. I don't feel like peeing like a girl diminishes my manhood at all. In fact, it is quite comfortable and allows me to read my Hot Rod mags. I do pee the other way plenty, alright?
  6. Sometimes at night I fantasize that I am a combination of Steve Austin, "The Six Million Dollar Man", and Evel Knievel. Plus, I am invisible and can walk through walls.
There it is, six weird things about me, The Grunt. I thought that I would just keep it at six, because I can keep on going. Who do I want to tag? Keshi, Chandra, Issy, Cindra, Outdoorsy Girl, Christielli. I would keep on going there as well, but I think you are just supposed to tag six.

Ooooooooh, I'm weird!


heatherfeather said...

yo [heart] kate bush tambien.

she's so weird, but i totally dig her.

Jules said...

Well, Kate certainly has the moves in that little ditty, anyway! Bet those pelvic thrusts drive you insane! I knew 3 of those weird things about you... and guess what? I stuck around! LOL Didn't know about the fact that you enjoyed sitting down to pee. Thanks for playing along, Grunty!

NYD said...

Grunt I wanted to send this to you, but I had no way to contact you. Think of it as an early x-mas present.

P.S. I pee sitting down as well, but I read motorcross mags.

Stay cool.

Logophile said...

Wow, you're a big ole freak, arencha?
Me likey

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Good lord sounds painful. I'm going to ask one of this nice anonymous people who keep emailing me advice on penis size and disfunction if they can supply me a body condom, in case it happens to me

goldennib said...

You are still a man to me, despite everything; D

Christielli said...

lol Half of your weird things have to do with you being in touch with your so-called feminine side.

Ewww.... Vegemite.

I will think about my weird things tomorrow while I'm sitting through meetings and most likely bored out of my tree.

Keshi said...

**I love Marmite on toast. The same goes for Vegamite.

Not weird at all :):) I love my Marmite/Vegemite!

ok u pee that way..LOL great!

Kate Bush..not bad a choice.

u tagged me :) Will be bakk soon.


Outdoorsy Girl said...

What a freak! I'm glad that I'm so normal. Just don't go read my blog today, k?

;) I still think you rock, weirdo!

goldennib said...

Do you know what happen to Guggs?

Keshi said...

ok Im bakk to take up the tag.

6 weird things abt me out of the 10000s I suffer from:

1.I have to have my underwear on even when I go to sleep. Im no Britney in this life.

2.I like watching hunks from a distance. Yeah I can be a pervert.

3.I dance in the lifts, even in the Ladies' when no one is ard.

4.I eat ice-cream after melting it to a nice semi-liquid state.

5.I can get turned on by certain foods, smells n even tunes. Talk abt Kinky.

6.Im a perfectionist that it sometimes becomes claustrophobic.

Ty Grunt! :)

The Grunt said...

Heatherfeather~ Yeah, I dig Kate because she is just so out of this world. I mean, I love her voice when she sounded like Olive Oyle just as much as when she matured.

Jules~ Well, Kate is a well-trained dancer. She should know how to move.

NYD~ Glad to know I'm not the only one. I just don't limit myself, you know?

Logo~ Yeah, you like freaks like me!

G-Hobbs~ I have been getting a ton of those from Anonymous. I want to party with that guy/gal.

Nessa~ Thanks. To answer your question about Guggs, he is just being a very naughty boy. I don't think he erased his blog. It is just hibernating until he feels ready. This is all my opinion and what clues I have gathered whilst wearing my gay "Fred Jones" man scarf.

Keshi~ You are a good girl for responding to the tag so fast. I do that with the ice cream on occasion. It does rock. The underwear thing is probably weird, since you live in Australia. The dancing thing is cool. I know all about #6. The others are too cool, as well.

O-Girl~ Well, now you know, and you aren't running away. Cool!

Issy said...

Okay Grunt. . . here's my 6 weird things about Issy:

1. I have to brush my teeth with luke warm water. I can't stand cold water on my teeth or on any part of my body.
2. I drink beer out of a glass. I don't like it in either the bottle or a can.
3. If I don't go get acrylic nails put on my fingers, I'll nibble at my cuticles (most embarrassing trait that I have).
4. I can't wear "regular" underwear. It has to be a thong. I feel like I have a mental disease if I wear anything that covers my butt.
5. I keep my mother in my closet and when things go bad or I need advise that only I think she can give me, I'll go to the closet and talk to her.
6. I sleep with a heating pad underneath me and position it throughout the night depending on where I am cold or not. I don't want an electric blanket as I don't want to be warm all over at the same time. Plus I have a down comforter.

Like you Grunt, I could have come up with a bajillion wierd things about me but I'll save that for a rainy day!

Keshi said...

haha Aus or not, Im a totally underwear girl ;-)


Chandra said...

All girls that you tagged hey.... interesting

The Grunt said...

Thanks Issy, those were good ones. I especially like the fact that you only wear thongs and I am also one who brushes teeth in warm water--my gums like it. #5 just cracks my shit up.

Keshi~ Underwear is good, or not, depends. Wait, not those type of Depends:P

Chandra~ I am not going to tag boys, now would I? Besides, chasing you girls around is what makes my life rich.

Keshi said...

** Underwear is good, or not, depends. Wait, not those type of Depends

I think they r good...I love em :) Depends on what? LOL!

btw I did a post just on underwear haha! It was titled 'A Brief Analysis'...:)


mona said...

I like the sensation scalding water on my feet :)