Sunday, December 31, 2006

Quick Posties of a Random Nature

First off, I caught a mouse. If I say how I caught it I will have some of you upset at me because it wasn't very nice. Let's just say that it did not involve traps of any kind. It involved me wearing work gloves and a little something I call "Greased Lightning". Eating lightning usually results in crapping thunder, and in my moment of triumph--cornering the sumbitchin' meese--I kind of pulled a Lennie. I believe that it was no coincidence that Saddam Hussein was hung today. Note: The mouse seemed a bit ill. I guess it ate too much of what I eat. Poor meese.

Random Posties: Now with pasties!!!

I was in Clyde, mi raza, and my brother pointed to a fat K-9 going to town on his luv sack. My brother gets that look on his face like he's going to say, "Boy, if I could do that I wouldn't leave the house", and I stop him right in his tracks with this gem: "You know, I wonder if dogs ever look at us and say, 'Boy, if I had thumbs, I'd never leave the house.'" I think a half block passed before he started giggling.

I googled bunson burners and hydroponics today. Hey, I am just thirsty for knowledge, okay?

It's times like these where I say to myself, "You know, you really love onions way too much, buddy."

If Captain Crunch didn't win The Battle of Frankenberry Hill, we wouldn't have cereal that cuts the roof of our mouths. A small price to pay for deliciousness, I say. General Mills and Dr. Kellogg awarded the Captain with the Silver Star. This one stays crunchy in milk.

I visited my long lost pal, J, the other day. He bought the "Banana Wagon" off of my broham. He has been pimping it big time with 22's, bucket seats, air bag suspension, and all things Edelbrock. This '72 Chevy Suburban was purchased by my father in October 1971 and stayed in the family until September of this year. It was restored once and now will be living a life of car shows and other autorama delights. I actually cried tears of joy when I saw the progress on this thing--yes, manly men do cry. It has been a part of my entire life. I've wrecked it, fixed it, done naughty things in it, got hassled by the fuzz in it, and dammit, I miss it. I was going to buy it off of my brother, but I just didn't feel that I should spend my money on a car project right now. I know J, and he is going to treat it right. Heck, I still have Clyde. He takes me to the highest peaks and lowest valleys. What more could a guy want out of a 4x4?


Bugs said...

Captain Crunch doesn't go limp in milk ? Typical! We don't got none of that there Captain stuff in Australia.
We gots lotsa bland blah stuff that gets soggy in the packet when peoples just looks at it on the shelf.
Many of our upwardly mobile Aussie men belong on that cereal shelf....
"Greased Lightning" ???
Please explain ?!

somewhere joe said...

Things that go crunch in the mouth is so appealing to people that the snack industry has a term for it: "conquerable resistance".

The Grunt said...

Bug's~ "Go greased lightning, you're burning up the quarter-mile!" You know, from the musical/movie "Grease"? It's speed, lightning fast and cat like, baby.

Captain Crunch does its best to stay crunchy, but it eventually will go limp. It does have staying power, though. I'm envious of you though. You Aussies get to go to Hungry Jacks and we just have Burger King. I know they are the same thing, but dammit, I want Hungry Jacks!

Joe~ "Conquerable Resistance" sounds like another word for breakfast-time victory, to me.

Bugs said...

LOL I was wondering if it was the movie reference or the industrial cleaning product you'd gone meece catching on !
You wanna try Ye Olde Greek Fish 'n' Greasy Burgers.Usually found in each suburb,these shops cook fish,souvlakis and burgers with real taste,love and fat.1 burger with the lot will feed you for 2 meals and leave you so bouyant life savers will use you in beach rescues.

Jules said...

I think cats have it even better than dogs. Cats can stay in that raised leg position for upwards of an hour if they feel like it!!

Onions.... yum!!

I cried at my final goodbye to my house today. Does that make me a womanly woman? Hey! If there's such a thing as a manly man, I think there should be a womanly woman... but what would that mean, exaclty?

kiraN said...

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The Grunt said...

Bugs~ The Greeks make the best burgers by far. Fortunately, where I live (Utah) there are plenty of Greeks that came because of all the mining jobs and their kids started opening restaurants. Gyros, souvlaki, dolmathes, fried zucchini, fried mushrooms, baklava, and their variations on the classic American Burger.

Have any of you ever had a pastrami burger? It's like a bacon burger, but with mounds of pastrami. It is why I continue to live, despite women constantly rejecting me.

Jules~ Womanly woman works, but I think that is already known as a girly girl. See, if I called myself a boily boy, it sounds like I am afflicted with gross boils all over my body. So, you are going to start stretching exercises then? Send me a video. I can't feign creepiness that good. I am too much of a Beaver. There I go again.

Kira~ Thanks for the info. Will I ever see you again?

Rebel Belle said...

Trying something new...
but it won't work will it?
You will KNOW it's me....
Won't you?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Whew! I thought I was the only one who cuts the roof of their mouth eating Cap'n Crunch.

Crystal said...

you SQUEEZED it to death???

i don't think that is very mormon-like.

The Grunt said...

Rebel Belle~ I know who you are!

O-Girl~ Isn't it a good feeling to know that you are not alone?

Crystal~ I didn't squeeze on purpose. They were my welding gloves and they are real thick. I could not sense the pressure I put on the little guy, and in effort to keep it from escaping tragedy struck. It also could have been playing possum. I threw it the mouse in the big trash can, so there is still a chance that it survived. Oh, you know that I am a devout Muslim. Silly Chica.

blog Portland said...

I heard that Crunch Berries will get you high if you smoke them. That should be your next post.

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