Sunday, December 10, 2006

I think I was retarded as a child

Okay, growing up through the late seventies and eighties, I worshipped three men: Evel Knievel, Han Solo, and Steve Austin, aka The Six Million Dollar Man. Now, when Steve Austin squared off with the dreaded Bionic Bigfoot, I about soiled myself in fear. I cannot tell you how much I got into the sound effects and the slow-motion bionic madness. Surely, television reached it's zenith at this point in time.

Now, that I have had a chance to look back at some clips of this show, I am convinced that I was mentally impaired. How??? Why??? What the??? I really want to know what in the hell made me so engrossed with this stupid stuff. Well, I guess I enjoy it on a whole 'nother level now. It is just funny to me. I still want to be like Steve Austin, Evel Knievel, and Han Solo wrapped into one mighty package.

Now, Bionic Bigfoot was just pure mayhem, if you ask me, and I am now inspired by him. Hell, if Bionic Bigfoot can get a woman, then there is hope for the rest of us single guys.

Check these out for laughs: Bionic Bigfoot, Six-Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, and Sandy Duncan's freaky glass eyball; Steve Austin "6MDM" discovers the secret of Bionic Bigfoot (Bionic Bigfoot's debut).

I wish I could add more, but I am going to be needing my sleep tonight. T'ra, ducks!


Jules said...

That was some SERIOUSLY great shit! OMG! That was the perfect way to cap off my night of hilarious antics! Thanks Grunty! :O)

Logophile said...

I'm just glad you outgrew it.
That's some funneh caca.

goldennib said...

I wanted to b e the Bionic Woman.

NYD said...

Grunt, my man I don't know if I want to see them vids if they're gonna make me feel like I was an idiot kid . I was so into Steve Austin, even had the lunch box.

Hey do you remember Shazam and Isis?

NYD said...

Aaaaarrgh! I went and did it. It's all coming back to me. Big foot was Andre the giant-the pro wrestler. Oh nooooooo! I feel like Mr. Bill Oh Noooooo. Here comes sluggo...

Issy said...

God Grunt! Don't remind me of childhood idols. I loved Wonder Woman with her golden lasso. I think that was the reason why I tried dressing like a hoe when I entered my early teens. The other one was the bloodhound gang. Don't know if you remember that one or not but it used to scare the crap out of me! I was so worried they would get caught!

The Grunt said...

Jules~ Glad to have provided. I've always wanted to be a good provider, you know.

Logo~ Yeah, outgrew....anyway, how ya doing?

Nessa~ We have the technology.

NYD~ I do remember Shazam and Isis. I didn't watch those as much, though. I will need to scour Youtube for clips. Heh, I knew you wouldn't be able to refuse. The Andre the Giant Bionic Bigfoot was the best and scariest one of all.

Issy~ I neglected to tell of my love for Wonder Woman. When I lived in Pheonix, I got to know Linda Carter's Nephew, Adam. He had some polaroids of her in a bikini by their swimming pool. I should have jumped him and ran off with those pics, looking back on it. Hey, how's this for remembering The Bloodhound gang?

Whenever there's trouble
Well we're on the double
We're the Bloodhound Gang
If you've got the crime
Well we've got the time
'Cause we're the Bloodhound Gang

Or something like that.

Issy said...

Oh my god! Add that TV show to my list of 6 weird things about Issy!(by the way, I put it on your initial post, not on mine)

You should've beat his ass for those pics! Those would be worth a mint today!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I was retarded, too. I watched those shows. Well, not Bigfoot. (I wasn't THAT retarded) But all I can think of when I see Lee Majors now is the Fall Guy...THAT was my show. LOL!

Keshi said...

**Now, that I have had a chance to look back at some clips of this show, I am convinced that I was mentally impaired

LOL! cmon u couldnt have been cos I used to LOVE Bionic Woman and wanted to be like her hahahaha!


Sun Follower said...

When I was very young, I had a crush on teh cartton Spider-Man...

Hm... still do.

Karyn said...

I wanted to be the Bionic Woman ... until I outgrew that phase and moved directly into the Wonder Woman portion of my childhood psychoses. Which was then followed by... you know? Never mind. This is about YOU.

If you can channel some Han Solo, baby, you'll need vitamin E shots to keep up with the demand.

(PS: None of us were retarded. The people who came UP with the trends du jour way back when - well - that is another story entirely.)

Anonymous said...

I think you and I may have shared a seat on the same short bus...

Mayden's Voyage said...

I loved HR Puff-n-Stuff...
Land of the Lost
The Electric Co.
and when I was a bit older-
Dr. Who on PBS/British tv

We have the same kind of brain damage I think :)