Thursday, December 14, 2006


First off, I can't leave comments on some of your sites. Beta Blogger is out to get me. I apologize, and if you think I am ignoring you, well, forgive me. I am trying to figure out why this is happening.

Random posties for girls and boys, by The Grunt.

I have a haunted tire pressure gauge. I will get my pressure right one day, and then the next day it will be ten PSI higher. Wait, it's the tires that are haunted...ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Speaking of hauntings, I feel that bathrooms and stages are the single most haunted places in buildings. I think it is because ghosts love to put on plays and then do lines of coke in the bathroom after their performances.

I have become the male equivalent of the dreaded "cat lady", only, instead of cats, it is guitar amplifiers. Anybody want to take a 1959 Gibson GA-5 Skylark off my hands? I think I would sooner part with a testicle than that baby, and I haven't yet got it working. I need to find a woman that has tons of electric guitars, but no amps. Can you find something like that on Craig's list?

I don't refer to mojo as mojo. I call it grease.

I think somebody tried too hard bringing the sexy back and ended up just restoring "dandy" to modern lexicon.

Yeah, I just said lexicon. That is also a name brand of high end signal processors.

If I were to win an Academy Award, I would thank Odin just to cover my bases. Somewhere, Hellhammer is giving me a two-prong salute.

I like so much music, varieties, kindreds, tongues, etc. I am listening to Bonnie "Prince" Billy's latest, "The Letting Go", Marshall Tucker Band, Merle Haggard, Iron Maiden, and Radio Birdman at the moment. Oh, and I do listen to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass on occasion--when I am in a lounge mood. I prefer Merle over Johnny Cash, but it is ever so close.

Is Stevie Nicks a good witch or a bad witch?

I think I have discovered how Cain really slew Abel. I came across an Idaho russet potato today and it was freakin' huge! I believe that Cain just took an Idaho russet from his mound of vegetables that he had as a sacrifice and just beaned Abel on the noggin. It is within the realm of possibility, folks. I have looked into it.

Are any of you familiar with Jimmy Kimmel's impersonations of Karl Malone? I pee myself every time I hear him do Karl, especially Santa Karl. Damn, I wish I had an audio clip of that.

I'm thinking of a number between one and a hundred. What is it?

I need to sleep, or I will not have sufficient grease for tomorrow.

I am tempted to name my first born child "Captain Howdy".

I thought of a great invention: Ouija Butler. Yes, you just have your table all designed as an Ouija board, only you have seating charts instead of "Yes" "No" and the planchette fetches the salt, butter, and passes around the gravy boat and the like. Hell, you can even ask it questions and confuse the cat.

Noel, out!


goldennib said...

You silly bean. Lots to consider and ponder. I must go meditate.

Clearlykels said...

Oh goodness-- stream of consciousness much :-)

Karyn said...

What the HELL kind of cold meds are you taking, and where can I get some?

vera said...

69 dude!



Chandra said...

I am not allowed to stay up late enough to watch Night shows, and don't have the money for "special cable" to get them early
2) number hmmm 19
3) First born or first dog.... yes I am universal : Dakota!
4) Ouija Butler: sounds a bit like twister and musical chairs with evilness

Chandra said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Issy said...

Grunt, I changed some of the settings on my site so if you care to try, please do. I feel way alone because Blogger seems to have isolated me. I get what you mean about them out to get you.

As far as the Gibson is concerned, I may have a few individuals interested. What kind of condition is it in?

Stevie Nicks? That's creepy! I'm wearing an outfit today which I was accused of being Pentecostal and the "granny boots" that I'm wearing with it I was accused of stealing from Stevie Nicks. Then one of my guys broke out in song with the lyrics of "White Wing Dove". Assholes! It's what I thought would be appropriate to wear to a funeral this morning! Nobody cuts me slack anymore!

Gentleman-hobbs said...

I know its a pain isn't it.

Barbarian02003 said...

I had to switch over to Beta just to comment. Comment bastards!

I happen to know for sure that Stevie Nicks is a bad witch. Don't mention my name to her if you want to keep your genitals.

My sister wanted to name her first child "December." Thank god it was a boy.

Jules said...

You can never try too hard to bring sexy back.

Take out a personal ad that reads: Wanted: SWF with suitable amount of playification. Must come with multi-colored electric strings and enjoy playing with my massive amps.

Remind me not to have your first born child.

Is it 12?

Ouija anything freaks me out... but Ouija Butler is very clever, my friend. Very clever.

Now go get your grease on!

Keshi said...

Ouija? eerie!

I have a friend who's name is April. And another who's name is Sky Blue.


Sun Follower said...

Jimmy Kimmels' Carl Malone is the best!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Very interesting and entertaining post there, my friend. :)

Sun Follower said...


cindra said...

Dude! Stop what you are doing and go take your medication.

Stevie Nicks is good.

And no you didn't...just say...Merle Haggard over Johnny? No way. No way.

The Grunt said...

I will run the gauntlet of comments, despite wanting to sit on my ass and meditate about the magic of silly putty.

Nessa~ I am glad to provide you with such heavy thoughts.

Kels~ I am full of much goodness, and streams of consciousness.

Karyn~ I wish I could be on acid. I think things would even out for me.

Vera~ Close, dude! \m/

Chandra~ I don't watch TV much anymore, but I will try to find an example of this act from Youtube. It's not 19, but nice try. Dakota is a great name. There are endless possibilities to Ouija Butler, my friend.

Issy~ I am trying something different with my login and seeing if that works. The Gibson has been abused by the previous owner. He blew both transformers, mice lived in it and chewed on wires and filled it full of shit and nesting material, the upholstery has been faded and has cigarette burns, the chassis has lots of rust, other than that, mint condition. It has come a long way and will soon be fully functional. I don't think it will be worth a lot because of the replacement parts I put in aren't original, but it will sound ten times better. I don't think I will part with it, now that I think about it. Can you send me a picture of you in your Stevie Nicks dress? I'm not trying to be a creep. (I don't need to try, heyo!) I just heart Stevie!

G-hobbs~ It surely is.

Barbarian~ Wow, this demands an explanation for sure. I am all ears.

Jules~ The grease is fine. No, it is not 12.

Keshi~ Those are great names. Very pretty, too.

Sun~ Yeah, I definitely have to make that my next Youtube sidebar dealie.
Thanks for the link to Beta Blogger Known Issues.

O-Girl~ What did you expect from moi?

Cindra~ I am out of meds. Can I have some of yours, buddy, pal? Stevie Nicks is a Good Witch. I guess that I just like that Merle rolls it West Coast, yo.

The number was 43:P

Logophile said...

Grunt, oh Grunty, Grunt, Grunt,
I love ya, man, no, really,
you're the best.

You make me seem so normal.

Chief Scientist said...

Stevie Nicks is what all witches become. Kinda hot when they are young but far too weird and large of hip when they age to be worth the drama.

I haven't switched to that beta thing ( that I know of ) and I am okay so far.

Melliferous Pants said...

You can't be a true dreaded "cat lady" until you learn how to knit. I will teach you.