Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm feeling a bit gypsy lately and I'm feeling this song

Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance. Ronnie Lane was the main man in the Brit rock groups The Small Faces (Featuring Steve Marriott) and their later incarnation, The Faces (Featuring Rod Stewart and Ron Wood). Ronnie quit what he started because he saw his band mates turning into a bunch of materialistic yobs, and Rod Stewart becoming a glory hound. He forsake all of this and bought a farm, living a rustic life. There was one point that he lived in a gypsy caravan that he had parked on the property of his good friend Pete Townsend. He used to take his band Slim Chance on the road with what he callled the "Passing Show", a circus with tents and all. His band would play with fire breathers and jugglers on stage. He had no crew to set these things up. He and his band would set everything up wherever they would go. They were a real band of gypsies.

I admire his spirit, songcraft, and his lust for life. He died from an almost three decade battle with MS in 1997. Enjoy the song, "The Poacher".


The Grunt said...


Scott said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

I was gonna be first 'til I had to go answer the phone! I am constantly amazed by how much you know about so many different things. I enjoyed the clip - hope you're doing good. leigh

Christielli said...


NYD said...

Somewhere in between!

A true bard, a travelling man bringing the music to the people.

Too cool.

It ain't all about money after all, is it?

The Grunt said...

Grunt~ God said to stop touching yourself.

Scott~ Thanks!

Leigh~ I know everything about stuff that makes me no money whatsoever;)

Christielli~ Banana!

NYD~ You're absolutely right. If it is about money, then your art will probably reflect that. That said, there's the ones that have it all.