Thursday, October 16, 2008

October weekend video party pick: George Romero's "Martin".

Martin is in my top five vampire films. The thing you won't get from the trailer, and what makes the movie truly great, is how Martin starts to form intimate human relationships despite his craving for blood. All of you chicks that are into the "Twilight" novels should give this one a try.

As for me, I've got the flu. It bites filthy monkey ass. I worked a half day today, came home, and had weird half-dream TV time. Earlier in the week I went to a new dentist. It turned out that I graduated from high school with this guy. It took us both a little while to figure it out, but it was cool. I have a confession: It had been 10 years since my last dental checkup. The damage? Four small cavities and two silver fillings that need to be repaired. The dentist was surprised that after having gone through chemotherapy and radiation that my teeth were in such good shape. I didn't mention the other stuff because I was embarrassed. I have had a phobia of people putting instruments in my mouth ever since I fell out of a tree when I was a kid and messed up my jaw. I've always done a real good job of taking care of my teeth, brushing and flossing. But as far as going to the dentist, when it was left up to me, after I turned 18, to take care of those things myself, I stopped going in for checkups. My recent battle with cancer, anxiety, and depression ended up in victory, so far. I have decided that I need to start taking better care of myself all around.

The people who are my friends and loved ones have been very patient with me and my little glitches. I'm getting better and better now, each day, all around. Sometimes a life takes awhile to get straightened out. It's hard to know how broken you are when you've needed to be repaired almost out of the gate. I have an understanding of what kind of anomaly I am. At least now I can see how that makes me beautiful. I thought I'd throw in a bit of TIGF in there while I was at it. But seriously, it feels good. It just takes people some time to understand what I've been through and where I am going. I'm learning to be patient with that and myself.


NYD said...

I still climb trees.
Dislike dentists, but enjoy the pretty assisstants.
Won't talk about diseases and I recorded my phone to say "Hey asshole! You're phone is ringing".

People often distance themselves from me too.

Chandra said...

Is that why I see all these chicks wearing "Twilight" t-shirts... it's a book?!?!

Being sick sucks hardcore... I just want to get outside so bad.

YAY a fellow weirdo that doesn't like dentists and freaks about prior dental trauma. Solidarity! I hate the dentists that watch tv while they are drilling on your face... good times!

Take care of yourself, FANTABULOUS advice :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like dentist's either - avoid them as much as I can! I'm sorry you're sick - hope that it doesn't last long. You're not the only one with glitches - I think we all have 'em in some way or another. Have a great weekend. leigh

The Grunt said...

NYD~ Pretty assistants and nurses are what get me through any medical crap. I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only odd ball in the world.

Chandra~ Dentists have the highest suicide rate of white collar workers. I think it is because that many people do hate dentists. My new dentist is cool.

Leigh~ My glitches are part of my personality. I just have to work on the ones that hinder my progress.

Julie Schuler said...

I may be the weird one, I don't have dental anxiety. I could sit there all day, numbed to the gills whilst the drilling happens. I hate the dental roadmap they lay out for you in the first visit, though. All that work they think you should have done. I have dentist's bill anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a fear of putting peoples "instruments" in my mouth too ;). Glad the choppers are in such good shape. I'm also a Twilight lover, so I'll check out your movie.

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Yeah, I'd have to say that the bill is what scares me the most now.

Meggypoo~ That give a new meaning to the term "head gear".