Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yeeee-Haaaaw!!! 1-2-3-4! Yeeee-Haaaaw!!! 1-2-3-4!

The title is just a little shout out to my homiette, Christielli. I just made up a word right there and that makes me smart.

Where to start? How 'bout showing off one of my guitar projects!
This is my new version of my old black Fender Stratocaster. I got a good deal on a 2008 three-tone sunburst American Standard Strat body from a guitar that was being parted out. This was how I envisioned my ideal Strat style guitar and now I have it. The original black body will either be sold or kept for another project. I won't sell until I determine that the new body sounds as good or better than the old one. I am going from a hard, northern ash body to an Alder body. Ash has a big bottom and glassy highs, but scooped mids, is hard and heavy with a well defined grain. Alder is well balanced across the sound spectrum, is lighter than ash, tight grained and hard as a rock. Alder seems to be a better tone wood for covering many genres. I hope you aren't questioning my orientation based on my obsession with wood.

I bumped into a girl who I used to work with back in the mid nineties. I was at a convenience store getting a refill and thought that I had seen the attendant somewhere else before. It took me awhile to sift past the defeated hausfrau exterior but it was La Choi! That was the nickname that I gave her, her real name being Jacquoi. I guess she is working at the Maverick during the time while her kids are at school. It was a real trip. I can remember the the times that she used to come up to me and say, "Smell ME!" She was obsessed that she smelled like the kitchen area all of the time. I'll also never forget the time that one of the crew guys said to her, "I like your hair. It covers up your lobotomy scars real well." Her reply was, "What's wrong with my hair?" I used to always get in arguments with her, but for some reason people would always try to get us to go out with each other. That never happened. Anyways, her hair still covers up those lobotomy scars real well.

Under and in!


Scott said...

That is a beautiful guitar. You will have to do a video performance when is it toned the way you like.

Any reccomendations on a new turntable? I am thinking of either a Rega p2 or a Project III at this point.

vera said...

I really don't like running into people from "days gone by"... I always feel the need to have a silkwood-shower afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the "that is a beautiful guitar". Almost makes me want to pick one up again, but I know it would be futile! Leigh

Christielli said...

Thanks for the shout-out dude! I just got home from work and can't think of anything creative.

Great work on the guitar!

Jules said...

I love how you talk about your guitars, Grunty... it's evident that you don't really need a woman in your life, because your real love lies within your music.

That wasn't meant as a shot or anything... just me fumbling around with words trying to say that I love your passion. That's all!

The Grunt said...

Scott~ I should finally do a video demo for the blog. I am going to redo the wiring on this guitar to expand the tonal possibilities. It is going to be awesome. As far as turntables, my bro is the one who knows a lot about those. I have always had my eyes open for a good used Techniques direct drive table. Not exactly high end, but reasonable. I am glad that vinyl is here to stay. It's a victory for us that truly appreciate the full sonic spectrum of our music.

Vera~ I guess it depends. I am not one for talking about the "good old days" because my high school experience was not fun at all.

Leigh~ Guitar is one of those instruments that you have to toughen up to get good at, since you need to be able to press down without pain to enjoy playing. Anyways, thanks for your compliment!

Christielli~ I just got done watching that Simpsons episode where the rich Texan was exhibiting his unique OCD in front of Mr. Burns and I thought of you:)

Jules~ As much as I've heard people refer to guitars as being fallic, well, they obviously ignore the feminine contours of the body. The Stratocaster is the most curvy and contoured classic guitar, IMHO. The Les Paul is for when I want some big girl action and has the best voice for dirty talkin'.

NYD said...

Yeah, that guitar looks like it's about ready to take off. Can't wait for you to let us hear how it sounds

Jay said...

Was their a spark? I'm not sure such a complacent, clueless woman should be passed over a second time.

Chris said...

Lobotomy scars? She had more than one?

Chris said...

Do her kids come with a husband or are they a result of consequence free post lobotomy sex?

The Grunt said...

NYD~ I can't wait to hear what it will sound like, either!

Jay~ Well, what sparks there may have been, all that makeup she wore acted as a good insulator.

Chris~ A little from column A and a little from column B.