Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Warriors

This last Saturday my friend and I went out to the west desert in the Oquirrh mountains to shoot the hell out of some clay pigeons and abandoned water heaters with my shotgun. We also did a fair amount of 4-wheelin' in Clyde. The mountains and even the valleys had a fresh blanket of snow to frolic and play in, and frolic and play we did! Gay. Not really, though, we decided that we needed some adventure and adventure we got. (Water tower to supply boilers for trams and elevators, my best guess)
I drove my truck as far as I dared up the narrow wagon trail to get to J@cob's City (read my first post about my first trip there here). It was when things started getting a bit slippy and not enough roadie that I decided that things were getting a bit ridiculous. Oh, and hitting a jagged outcropping of rock with my passenger's side door so I didn't slide off into oblivion had something to do with it too. Poor Clyde. So, I parked my truck where it seemed safe and my friend and I hiked the rest of the way up the canyon.
(One of the last standing ore hoppers in the area that loaded the mule wagons heading down the canyon)
This area has just a few structures still intact. A lot of the buildings, including a motel, collapsed under the weight of snow, due to a lack of maintenance.
(The site of the old tram building, I believe. The boiler room is in the background, in the hill.)
We were lucky to be able to see all of this before the rest of the storm dropped about another 18 inches of snow.
Anyway, this trip was awesome. It's hard to tell how high up in the mountains we actually were because of the clouds. We had a long trip back before we could breathe easier. I would like to thank the current owners of the city for letting my friend and I trespass on their property. Oh, and next time, would it kill you to take the iron gates off all the mines there so we can check them out?

In other weekend news, I got to meet another blogger, Pants. We have a mutual friend in Megatropolis. It was cool to meet yet another blogger in the universe. It was good, also, in that Pants has been a good blogger aquaintence of mine for almost three years--now I finally got to put a 3-D on the words of Miss Pants, a very cool girl. I was so awesome. I think I spoke like three sentences the whole time. My social anxiety disorder rules! The thing I have found out, and please take no offense, is that you really haven't met anybody or know who they are through the internets alone. My wish is that I could meet all of you. Except you. You know who you are.



Miss Pants said...

Know what's cool about social anxiety disorder? Hanging out with loudmouths who will gladly pick up the slack until you're ready to join in. :)

It was nice meeting you, too!

NYD said...

You are already getting snow? Man I draw the line at going high into the mountains if there is snow or any hint of the stuff around.

I have never met a fellow blogger. Maybe I ought to change that.

Julie Schuler said...

Snow! Cool! And I love the pics of all the ruins. I am also gratified that you use the term "slippy".

Jay said...

I met The Grunt once upon a time... in my dreams. Your hair was as long and flowing as that of the white stallion you rode in on.

megatropolis said...

I'm thinking about sending Clyde a care package... maybe some oil, as well as a bottle of high sheen wax.

Thanks for the good movie times. You were a little on the quiet side, but that just made you all the more mysterious :). I'll never forget how I forced you two into a group hug. It brings a tear to my eye even now.

Crystal said...

i'm jealous. all you people get to meet. yeah. i said you people.

Christielli said...

That's cool that you got to meet another blogger. What's your tally now?

I can't believe you willing went somewhere with snow.

Also, you are so country with your clay pigeon shooting and driving a truck and stuff. ;) That's cool though.

Anonymous said...

I am not at all ready for cold weather! Glad you enjoyed yours, though! leigh

Outdoorsy Girl said...

That trip looked awesome!

The Grunt said...

Pants~I figure being a bit quiet at first is way better than being a creep all the time:D Anyway, how's that Campfire De Toilette Water idea coming along?

NYD~ Well, if you are a skier, like me, you kind of get used to seeking the deep stuff out. I would think it would be cool to bump into you sometime.

Julie~ My brother still hasn't given me a disc with the previous trip's photos, which were done in the summer and with a really good camera. Anyway, these will do for now. Btw, "slippy" is much more fun to say than slippery.

Jay~ All of your dreams may come true one day.

Meggypoo~ I could use a gift certificate to Macco, or something, after that adventure. Your hugs are the best; therefore, I was willing to try a three-way. It's all about trust.

Crystal~ What would you do if you actually bumped into me by complete accident? Would you at least throw something at me and laugh? I would hope so.

Christielli~ My current blogger tally of previously unknown bloggers met after getting to know them on Blogger is three. I am way more rock'n'roll than country. That sounded stupid:) Anyway, I would definitely find meeting you to be a majorly cool thing.

Leigh~ I used to be more into snow. I like it when there is tons in the mountains and none down in the valley.

O-Girl~ It was awesome. It would be even more awesome if I could have access to those mines.

Sun Follower said...

wow... I'm jealous of the snow and the adventure.

Scott said...

Dude, so jealous as always of where you live. It must be hard to go to work with the mountains and canyons all around.

The Grunt said...

Sun~ We all need a bit of snow and adventure sometimes.

Scott~ I often stare at the many places I could be instead of work and it makes me frustrated.

Chandra said...

I think you and me got it good mister. Living about 35 or so minutes from the rocky mountians... well live is GOOD!

I can't WAIT WAIT WAIT FOR IT TO SNOW! It justifies my un-necessary need for Christmas music (which is justified almost since we already have had Thanksgiving in Canada!!! :)

Are you a skier,snowboarder, snow enthusiast? I'm an olympic worthy tobagganist... not to be confused with Bobsledding. If you really want to feel the wind through your hair try lugging or "the skeleton" that will frighten anyone.... or maybe just me.

Take care!

vera said...

Oooo, I like the vid! Now that you have a 'camera man' it looks like "This Old House" more than "SurvivorMan"! Keep 'em comin' bunny!


Tys on Ice said...

iam just hurt that u dont want to meet me :(