Thursday, March 15, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Bib overalls worn incorrectly.

Please, do not wear your bib overalls in this manner.

You are not sexy in them.

Also, don't "redneck" anything.

Bib overalls are for working on the farm, oil rigs, or on machinery. That is not trashy or redneck. That is just the uniform.

Link to here, Beefcake Grunt in overalls, to see the proper manner in which to wear bib overalls.

Here is an example of wearing bib overalls, that while not worn in the correct manner, is acceptable and encouraged.

Finally, here is the most TIGF!!! (in a good way) wearing of bib overalls ever. This song is like crack cocaine. Be carefull.


goldennib said...

I love that song. They are so Dorky Cool.

vera said...

i love ya grunto!
/demands more grunto-in-overalls pics!


ps: next week you need to link 'gruntstock' to tigf... ;)

Scary Monster said...

Me loves to wear me overalls with me leather motercycle jacket and ride a big wheel down the street. The kids just love it.

Didn'T Demi Moore (sp) Start the redneck cut out overalls fasion trend.
Ya know Me just realized her name be kinda oxymoronic....STOMP

Barbarian02003 said...

I don't know, I think the guy in the first picture is SEXY!

Karyn said...

I love that photo of you in the overalls. Sweet as apple pie face - flipping us off. LOL. And as to the chippy in the overalls... well. Hmph. I can't wear them at all. My... er... assets, shall we say, prevent them sitting properly on me. But thanks for the reminder! LOL

Damn. It.

Jules said...

I love this song too. Is is the super wide legs on the overalls that made them look so effing sexy in this video? Are you all with me on this one? Come on...

Photogirl said...

That song IS like crack.

Why does the lead singer keep flashing his armpits at us? Belted bib overalls are even more TIGF than non belted ones.

Photogirl said...

oh yeah, I forgot about that picture of you. Its HOT I tell ya. You know how to rock those bib overalls like no one can ;)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I forgot about all about your hot beefcake pic. Glad you showed us just how its supposed to be done!

That second guy looks like the typical redneck you might find at the Wal-mart in the town I grew up in. yikes.

Chandra said...

Just for the record of all of the non-believers, just because Calgary is the host of the greatest outdoor show on earth (blech who cares!) and we all love to drive trucks for no reason, we are not all rednecks. Oh but in alberta we do really like oil because it makes us rich. Overalls remind me of the show 'full house' circa dj tanner. Maybe I am having flashbacks of my own youth.... shudder..

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Yeah, what I'd give to be one of the dorky cool kids.

Vera~ I know you weren't a huge fan of Gruntstock on the surface, but I know you were checking out the stage crew in their tan Carhartt bib overalls.

SM~ LOL, good one with Demi Moore's name. I was trying to find a pic of her for the sexy chic pic. Dude, you have a big wheel? I seriously would love to have one. I had to steal them off of people's front lawns back when I was a kid because my crew-cut sporting daddy thought that shit was not essential for a boy's well being. I think one of my first sexual fantasies involved a girl down the street and a "Green Machine". Remember those?

Barbarian~ Well, to me he isn't, but then again I don't think that any dude is sexy (as in I'd do him), for that matter.

Karyn~ Well, I was wearing the same get up on Thursday working on Clyde. That and a bit of a forceful nudge from Vera inspired this post. I bet you'd look pretty damn fine yourself in a pair. Damn the peeping assets--let freedom ring! I'm getting a picture of this, right? ;)

Jules~ I think emaciated musicians make any normal clothes look wide and baggy.

Celeste~ Thanks for the compliment on the old pic. BTW, I still wear them well--like it's been that long. The lead singer, Kevin Rowland, flashes his pits because he wants all to see how earthy his musical roots are and how funky his stank is. It is a bit hard on the eyes, I must say.

O-girl~ I think your home town needs to be studied by Jane Goodall: Hillbillies in the Mist.

Chandra~ Full House unleashed the evil that is The Olsen Twins upon the earth. Can you believe that this show was foreseen by John the Revelator in his apocalyptic visions? Alberta, I've been there. I've been to Calgary and Edmonton and inbetween. Even though I was only 11 at the time, I remember getting introduced to a whole new level of hick in those in-between bits.

Claire said...

Those pictures ARE NOT RIGHT!


Always on the Move said...

I just purchased a pair of overalls last month, while I was in Edmonton. LOL, but I has promised myself that I'd never wear them out in public, meaning the malls and so on. But you see, they were super cheap! Maybe some day, I can help you fix your truck and you can help me...? LOL!!!!!

chandra said...

I can't speak for all of us, but I am in fact not a hick. I very rarely even wear jeans... I HATE overalls, cowboy boots and hats. I do not say Yahoo, unless intoxicated during the stampede. Oh and I can deal with the redneck jokes... when the gov't is talking about raising our minimum wage to $10... But between calgary and edmonton is sylvan lake...aka playboy mansion in the summer. No jokes, they have a nude beach now. Now I'm having vomit inducing thoughts about the reason my balding uncle moved there...

Trundling Grunt said...

There is no correct way for men to wear bib overalls. And women (almost) always look hot in them.

Logo™ said...

I have to tell you that what makes the Beefcake Grunt in that photo is the finger.
Ohhhhh yeah

Spacecake said...


I love that song. Saw the video for the first time though. And then I had to download the song so I can listen to it more often wooo.

The Grunt said...

Claire~ Too true. I am thinking of taking them off the post and just linking them instead.

ATOM~ Send me a pic of you in your overalls and I will give you my professional opinion as a man.

Chandra~ What in the hell? That is both disturbing and funny--two of my favorite things.

TG~ I think you found the moral of the story.

Logo~ Behold, The Grunt's finger!!!

Spacecake~ Welcome back! I tell you, that song is crack.

Pokey said...

Grunt, I must say you look sexy as hell in your bib overalls! The redneck guy however....not so much. And the first guy really looks like a child molester to me-Gross! And usually chicks do look good in overalls, minus us big girls. I mean a fat girl in overalls is not, I repeat NOT cute.