Thursday, March 22, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Fart

Alright, where do I start? I had Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" stuck in my head when I woke up this morning and had to watch the video on Youtube. Firstly, I don't hear that song much, nor am I a huge fan of Bonnie Tyler's. But, I just had to check out that video to get the song out of my head. Well, that didn't work and that damn song is not only playing in my head all the time, I am singing it as well.

As I usually do, I mutate the verses and choruses so I can get some kind of enjoyment out of it for the 1,000th run of a particular tune. I will not go into details of my improvisations on this tune, but the word fart definitely plays a heavy role in it.

The video is just plain weird. This shit is scary. It reminds me of Salem's Lot meets the Eaton lads and has nothing to do with eclipsing a friggin' heart. No kidding, scary assed choir boys, with glowing eyes, are flying around everywhere and hurricane-like winds are blowin' shit around. It just isn't safe at all.

I'm thinking that the chewing gum Eclipse should also deodorize farts, hence my title.

That is all.


Christielli said...

I have never seen that video.

You have to love the availability of everything on YouTube though.

Tiny Bellows said...

Hi Grunt! You have an awesome blog. Great writing and a wonderful sense of humor. I will be back!

Always on the Move said...

LOL....I LOVE Farts...especially warm, smelly ones!!!! LOL!!! Yuppers!!!! There are actually SOOO Many songs that you can actually change to "fart", it's actually amazing, and they 'actually' fit. It's insane!

Hope you're being super good Gruntie!

I'm seeing the word "Orgasm" in your next eyes, already!!!! LOL!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

How funny! I always make up my own parody of 80s music to grab the kids' attention in class.
It just so happens that "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is one of my favorites. It comes in so handy when they are all pushing and shoving in line to be able to burst into song... "Turn around--IN LINE!"

chandra said...

I bet it's because of our chris deburgh lady in red conversation that got to Bonnie Tyler, I sincerely apoligize.

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ It's really weird and creepy, yet cheesy cool at the same time.

Tiny-B~ Welcome to Grunt Ahoy!!! I get real excited when new people drop by and I am glad that you found me.

AOTM~ I try to be good. You need to read some of my older posts if you like fart related stuff. Although, I try to keep things high brow around here...mostly.

O-Girl~ LOL! Well, you will have to treat me to a few rounds of those sometime.

Chandra~ I'm thinking that was a major contributor to this whole deal. Thanks.

Jules said...

Definately not a video I should watch before bed. Unless you're going to be sitting at my bedside to soothe me when I wake up screaming.

Sun Follower said...

I had the BeeGee's Nights on Broadway stuck in my head the other day... and I prefere Trident sour/sweet apple for gummage.

Chief Scientist said...

I'm upset I missed Gruntstock!
Do I have to get breast implants to get invited to stuff on this blog?

Sheesh ...

The Grunt said...

Jules~ Oh sure, I can do that!

Sun~ Damn, that's a kickin' song to have stuck in your head. That sour/sweet apple is good.

Cash~ Where have you been? You don't need to get breast implants, unless you lost a bet. In that case, just change your identity and start all over again. Good to see you.

goldennib said...

Farting can definitely eclipse anything going on with the heart. If they don't, you know you are in love.

The Grunt said...

HAHAHA! Very true, Nessa.

What in the hell? You must be getting up for work and I haven't yet gone to bed. Damn, I am going to hate life at work tomorrow....uh, today.

chandra said...

I am SOOO sorry. If it's any consolation I've been hearing all about Rick Springfield's (Jesse's girl) rivial on General hospital. I am trapped in the 80s and I don't know how to get out.... maybe I'll play some def lepard over and over and start pouring some sugar on myself.