Friday, March 23, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Wing nuts!

I think these two need a room. Hell, they've been going at it under the shelves for crying out loud. Eh, best not to interfere with nature.

Wing nuts are easy to grip and twist. Being able to get more torque without using a wrench is also handy....ah-har-har!

Other wing nuts are not so handy...ah, what now? They are those nuts who have wings. No, that can't be right. Well, they are a special kind of hybrid between and idiot and a jerk, with a little bit of asshole thrown in for good measure.

What does a wing nut look like? Well, remember this guy?

Yes, it's everybody's favorite Swedish Meatball, Yngwie Malmsteen! He took over my blog for a day proclaiming himself to not only be our new God, but that he also sports a fifty inch penis. Malmsteen Regime my ass. Yngwie can take a long walk off a short pier for pulling that stunt.

Anyway, all this talk of wing nuts has me wondering when this dude here will finally just pants a foreign dignitary and blame it on the "Tearrists".

Remember this kiddies: for every wing nut there is a big screw coming.

I'm tired. Can I go to bed now?


Scary Monster said...

There be music in the air. Must be spring. Me visiting blogs and every one be doing something about tunes.
Me off to Hawaii to play with me ukelele and make some music of me own.
Stomp ya later, Cap'n

Scary Monster said...

Oh, me almost forgot, Cap'n.
Here be another wing nut you might like.


Claire said...

I love it! Hahahahaha.


Mayden's Voyage said...

Nite, Nite Grunt...sleep well.
Whenever I get an annoying song stuck in my head- I start singing

"H.R. Puff-n-Stuff...
The one to call when things get rough,
HR Puff-n-stuff-
He can't do a little 'Cause he can't do enough"

I'm just kidding :) (But is "that" song stuck in your head now???) LOL-
I have some CD's to send to you- I'll try to get them out this weekend!
Baceman asked me to mail them to you~

chandra said...

That first guy really isn't lars from metallica... I swear that looks just like him from the 80's.

All this talk makes me want to create my own tool show with interludes of 80's music while I work... want to be my al borland?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I was lauging before I even read the post! The caption under the picture says..."for under shelf mount". hahaha.

Jules said...

How come all of your posts lately revolve around pegs and holes of some sort or another?

The Grunt said...

SM~ Aloha!!! Yeah, I like the link you gave me. Always good to get the hook up.

Cora~ HAHA! H.R. Puff 'n' Stuff. I got a hand me down lunch box from my older brother of that show. I am excited to be getting the CD's from Baceman. Thanks!!!

Chandra~ Sure, that sounds fun!

Claire~ I almost missed you! I like your new avatar. I mean, I liked your old one too, but I really like this one.

O-Girl~ I'm sure mounting something under the shelf would give a person a cramp or pulled muscle of some kind.

Jules~ Because that is how I roll!

Christielli said...

I love this line: "for every wing nut there is a big screw coming". LOL

Leg-iron said...

A fifty inch penis isn't so unlikely.

If you answer all those spam mails that promise to double the length of your pink pendulum, you can exceed fifty inches in a matter of days.

Unfortunately it doesn't really work (ahem - so I'm told).

Are you sure that's not Marc Bolan, by the way? The first picture, I mean. The second was Clyde in a Clint Eastwood film, wasn't he? Every which whatnot whatever, or something like that?

Logophile said...

heh heh
You said screw
heh heh heh
I'm sorta sleepy myself.

Photogirl said...

I wonder if there is a wing-nuts anonymous group?

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ Like that one do you? I have plenty more of those stored away up in my noggin.

Leg-Iron~ Yeah, I think if all those claims were true there'd be massive amounts of men claiming disability due to inability to walk. Oh, it is definitely not Marc Bolan. Marc is not a wing nut. Yngwie is just a plain egotistical assclown who just happens to have a God-given talent to play the guitar. I am not a fan, but I can acknowledge his gift. He was just someone that me and my guitar buddies like to make fun of all the time.

Logo~ Yeah, get to bed!

Celeste~ You know, they need one.