Thursday, March 15, 2007

My loading dealie just spins and spins...

...And I'm finding it near impossible to respond to any of your comments on Gruntstock, sorry. Well, I did do a 14th day of Gruntstock. You can read its short entry and watch the Von Trapp kids perform. Gruntstock kind of ended on a bum note because I really had no idea when I was going to end it.

Anyways, this blog was not saved, and do you know what that means? That's right! This blog is going straight to Hell!!! So, let's hear it for the official blog of Hell. I knew I could drag you all down with me. We are going to have some fun now.

To those about to blog, we salute you!

You should've seen this one coming. I mean, come on, I'm the freakin' Grunt for crying out loud--I'm nuttin' but a li'l devil.


goldennib said...

Cute little devil.

Clearlykels said...

ha ha, that is what I was going to say goldennib

chandra said...

For some reason the von trap video reminded me that Gwen stefani's video: wind it up, completely stole the chorus. Whatever happened to Chris De Burgh?

Issy said...

Miss ya Grunt!

Miss everyone for the most part. .

Scary Monster said...

Theat devil be kinda cute, Cap'n. Do me a solid, grunt. Hook us up.

Gruntstock was a blast! But at the end me was seeing double. Must've been from the linolium floor coverings on the stage Me nibbled on or maybe it were the Government cheese.

Logophile said...

Where is wooderson, dammit

NYD said...

Hey There Grunt. Well if were all goin to hell than I'm glad your steering the blog

Outdoorsy Girl said...

All good things must come to an end...and then go to hell.

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Thanks, doll!

Kels~ You can say other nice things to me.

Chandra~ I often ask myself the very same question. I think he is in a pub somewhere playing songs from "Spanish Train".

Issy~ I miss you too. Where have you been? Having a life, I presume.

SM~ Well, I will have to see what in the devil the devil is up to this weekend and see if its free. I know what you mean about getting dizzy. I just couldn't manage the comment replies anymore because my computer is "special" and couldn't handle it.

Logo~ He is coming!!!

NYD~ Yes, it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. Good to see you around.

O-Girl~ This is true. I promise that my hell will be entertaining and not involve red-hot pokers up the keester.

Jules said...

Actually, I think it was about time, Mr. Devil. I mean, how much more could we take? We were already having sex with everyone, high all the time, freaking out about people wearing flashy yellow spandex. It was time... it was time. ;OP

chandra said...

What about lady in red???
You have to see 'music and lyrics' you may very well pass out from laughing it is a complete mockery of the 80's but in the good way. oh and maybe HOT pokers up the kester isn't entertaining but pokers can be haha.

The Grunt said...

Jules~ I know. I know...moderation and all that stuff.

Chandra~ Yeah, I remember that one for sure. My sister was trying to get me to see that one, Music and Lyrics.

Oh, pokers for everyone!!!