Thursday, March 29, 2007


Have you ever been so tired that you let an ant crawl all over you without bothering to brush it off?

This post will get exactly seven comments.


Scary Monster said...

Me not know much about ants, but me never gets tired of having the vixen crawl all over me and me can't imagine giving her the brush off.

Karyn said...

Oh , HELL no.

Count me as second after SM... no shame there.

Photogirl said...

no. i don't like bugs.

Crystal said...

did you ever notice how ants don't bite you until you realize you're standing in them and flip out?

yeah. me neither.

chandra said...

I hate ants. What happens after 7?

Trundling Grunt said...

getting close.....

maybe you are the new Dalai Lama?

Christielli said...

Hah! I'm lucky #7! No one'd better comment after me!

And no, I have never been that tired. At least I don't think I have.

Always on the Move said...'s now 11:18pm Alberta, Canada Time and I'm proud to say that I'm the 8th person commenting on here. Gruntie, you so know nothing...and see none of us get so tired that we let ants crawl up were SOOO wrong AGAIN!!! Cause otherwise, we may have ants in our pants....ewe!!!!
Then you'd have to sing to us...Double Ewe!!!
I know, you missed me!!!!

Jules said...

Hmmm, Kim and I are bloggng together! And I am #9. Suck THAT, boieeee!

I HAVE been THAT tired. I was today. Couldn't function. Needed sleep.

egan said...

And I'm number ten. I like the predicting how many comments you might get on a post. That's a great trick.

I loved your comment on Jill's blog.

Logophile said...

You suck at the predictions and since you were wrong do I get to stone you?

The Grunt said...

SM~ Yeah, don't brush off the vixen.

Karyn~ No shame, eh?

Celeste~ Not even with green eggs and ham?

Crystal~ LOL, yeah, me neither.

Chandra~ Well, it looks like we have surpassed the mark. I just looked out my window and saw a cat and dog making whoopee. There you have it.

Trundling Grunt~ What does being the Dali Lama entail? Could I be a Salvador Dali Llama instead?

Christielli~ You are lucky!

ATOM~ I did miss you and I need to drop by and visit soon. I have been a bad blogger buddy.

Jules~ What was that you wanted me to suck? So, you and Kim blogging together--that is so hawt!

Egan~ Haha, you get it. I am mischievous that way. I like Jill's blog. It's hard for me to visit all the blogs I like and blogger friends since I don't work around computers for most of the day. So, I try to make my comments count.

Logo~ How about we just forget about my lousy predictions and get stoned?

egan said...

Hmm, I'm glad you like her blog. Now is it the blog you like or the pictures she posts? Just have to ask. Your comment was genius.

Karyn said...

Grunt... Okay, maybe a little, but this wasn't that kind of post. ;-)

Sun Follower said...

Nope - much to the chagrin of our little insect friends, I'm never too tired to flick an ant. I'm also never too tired to squish a spider (which I fear is the famed flesh-eating Brown Recluse).