Thursday, April 02, 2009

I almost died today. I swear!

So, there I was driving down a busy road going fifty in a forty. A Geo pulls onto the road right in front of me and slams on its brakes. This is a four-lane road with a suicide lane in the middle. I slammed on my brakes and the rear brakes lock up on me, causing me to slide sideways. The cars behind me are desperately trying to stop as well, trying not to run into me. My slide then takes me in to oncoming traffic. That is when a bit of Einstein's Theory of Relativity comes into play. Time just slowed down to nothing and my senses were sharp. My hands did this magic thing with the steering wheel and I ended up 180 degrees the other direction perfectly positioned in that middle suicide lane, where the cars behind me and the oncoming cars passed by me A-OK. Aside from feeling like I was the center of attention and suffering from extreme embarrassment, I felt incredibly lucky and drove off unharmed. All of my personal effects were thrown over to the passenger side, but, other than that, I was fine. Do you want to know why the person in the Geo stopped? Way over on the other side of the street was an old lady starting to cross the road--there isn't a cross walk at that point. So, being nice trumps other people's safety. I hope emotion does not triumph over logic on the road, ever.


Jay said...

Aw man. I've had some close calls like that, which were caused by just as silly of a reason as the Geo Metro had. Glad you had enough sense to not only refrain from road raging, but to appreciate how lucky things worked out for you.

And btw, I can see how this post could easily double as one for the TIGF books.

NYD said...

How were your shorts?
This gets me to thinking about Spock's death scene in Star trek

Which is more important: the needs of the few or the needs of the many?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Thank God you're ok! Whew! I hope emotion never triumps over logic on the road either!!!

Jules said...

I think I'd have rather read that for day two in a row the highlight of your day was eating a sandwich!! Jeezzz... scary stuff! I'm relieved nothing bad hapened!

The Grunt said...

Jay~ You've convinced me that I need to bring back TIGF!!!

NYD~ I had to check them at the nearest 7/11: clean!

O-Girl~ Be honest, you were more worried about Clyde;)

Jules~ I'm glad that you're glad.