Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hike-itty, hike!

Sunday, I went up into the mountains behind where I live to go for a bit of adventure. Sunday was the best in a few awesome days of spring weather that has been long over due around here. I decided to check out some old mine tailings that I had spied over the years--see if I could access them.

Here is the first mine shaft that I reached. It wasn't that big. I crawled in and it did eventually open up enough to walk in without crouching. On my way out I noticed that there was a spot where the shaft ceiling was vertical. I pointed my flashlight up and there were about a dozen bats right above me. I must admit that I turned into a bit of a spaz and ran out of the mine, tripped right before I had to crawl, and got all muddy. At least it wasn't guano.

This is the reward for hiking in leafless oak brush. I had to come down the mountain in the dark, but I was treated to herds of deer, relics from forest fire crews, and a duck. Yeah, a duck. I had no idea that ducks got that adventurous. I was at around the 6,500 foot mark on the hill and I hear this rustling in the brush. I got real curious when that rustling started going "quack-kwa-kwa-kwa-quack". Thinking that I was either going crazy, or the psilocybin was starting to kick in. I ran towards the thicket to see if I could flush this thing out and there it went: a damned duck at that elevation with no bodies of water around. I'm thinking that this duck just had enough of the daily grind of people throwing bread crumbs at him and all that quacking. Sometimes, you just have to get the duck outta dodge and go up in the hills.


P.S. When you bushwhack through oak brush that was burnt from a forest fire, you'll end up looking like you lost a fight with a big bag of Kingsford.


Jules said...

Excellent adventurous spirit... I love that about you. I'd have paid money to watch a video of you discovering the bats... I can just hear the little girly screams now! ;O)

Jay said...

Between the bats and the lone duck, I believe there treachery afoot.

Christielli said...

Must be nice to have mountains around you. :)

NYD said...

After a hike like that you can always make a little cash on the side doin' Al Jolson impersonations.

The Grunt said...

Jules~ It feels nice to be loved such.

Jay~ Shit, you're not kidding!

Christielli~ I love the mountains. I feel like an alien when I am in areas without them.

NYD~ Has our nation healed enough for me to bring back blackface?

Karyn said...

You are so rockin that hair. Love this pic.