Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a freakin' liar douchebag!

I guess you just can't blame a guy for wanting to get laid, though;) BTW, I know elkspeak and this guy claims to have slept with Rachel McAdams, was a secret adviser to the Obamas, and invented the delicious desert that we all know and love: ice cream. Amongst other embellishments, this elk claims to have been the first member of the Cervidae family to land on the moon. The problem with lying your way into people's pants, hearts, and lives is that that you end up more alone and lost than you started out.

Farewell, Scott. It was nice knowing the fabrication that was you. And like a coward, you took down your blog and tucked your tail between your legs without so much as an apology, defense, or an explanation. This is how you lose respect and lose friends--people who would have heard you out. But, no, you slid back into your mossy crevice, waiting for the right time to reemerge and troll upon trusting people on the internet. I really hope that you get your act together and respect people enough to tell them who you are and not who you think would impress them. I, at least, hope that the good guy that I saw in you was real and that you can take from this humiliation something to build upon: truth. It is the only way that you will find happiness and I will gladly eat my harsh words towards you if you do so.

For those who need a back story on all of this, go here and especially here.

I'm sorry to have to kick your ass, Scott, but you need a good old ass kicking to get you started in the right direction. May your best efforts in restitution be rewarded.


Christielli said...

"First member of the Cervidae family to land on the moon."

Your post is very well written and sums up the situation perfectly. I don't think your ass kicking will accomplish much. The situation is unfortunately far beyond that as developments continue to come in.

Queue_t said...

What Happened?? I need more back story will someone fill me in on Scott?

I am true to my blogging pals....

it is good to "see you " with all that hair. QT

Jabba said...

I'm speechless. As a close friend of Rawbean's, it's been crazy to see how this is turning out.

Thanks for doing this post. I'm glad you guys are putting this out there before more people get hurt.

JO said...

Wow this story just keeps getting more and more impressive. It's like a real life soap opera!! If only real people didn't have to get hurt in the process, I could really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...


The Grunt said...

Christielli~ I wish this all was just a bad episode of Bizzaro World.

QT~ Just follow the links and read Scott's new blog. I don't wish to regurgitate this any further.

Jabba & Jo~ I wish your first visits to my blog were under happier circumstances. Thanks for your support.

Scott~ My replies will be on your new blog.

Blanche DuBois said...

Wasn't he the guy who killed Scary Monster???

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Man, this is really hard to believe. Wow.

And to think I trusted him with Scary Monster! :(

The Grunt said...

NYD~ Is that where he ended up?

O-Girl~ Well, let's just hope that he turns over a new leaf.

Chandra said...

is anonymous just a joke cause it goes to absolutely nothing. This shit just makes my head spin I don't know what to think, believe, but there is beginning to show overwhelming evidence that something odd is going on. If he was "innocent" why shut down the blog.

I thought of ANYWHERE at least here you could real. But I guess not everyone has the same idea that I do.

More than anything else, it's disappointing. And part of me feels sorry for him that he didn't think his real self was real enough or good enough to talk about.

Jules said...

Shit man... you think you know people. I for one, hate bloggers who use it as either a hunting ground for prey or to be secretive and have an outlet for their lives that tells you (the reader) a story so far fatched from their reality to see what they can get away with. Dispicable.

Blogging should be about truth, honesty, friendship, relationships... building a community and making lasting friendships.