Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just letting you know that I am doing well. Life is life and family issues are a source of never ending excitement.

I talked to a friend today that I haven't heard from in awhile. BTW, I did end up going on an epic hike today and my policy of taking a flashlight with me now has paid off. I was in the dark for quite some time. I will do a post about it later, with pics!

More blog pals are jumping ship lately. I feel sad about this, but that is just how it goes.

My hair has still not been cut since I was made bald from chemo. You'll get pics before I cut it.

Clyde, my truck, has finally been fixed. I have had steering problems since the beginning of the year. It started with one component seizing, then causing a chain reaction of failure throughout the whole steering system. Here is an inventory of parts replaced: right and left tie rods, drag linkage, upper and lower ball joints on both sides of the axle, front axle locking hubs, passenger side axle stub shaft u-joint, steering gear box, new front discs and pads (because I might as well do the brakes if I've gotta do the rest of that shit), and a partridge in a pear tree. So, I did all of the above repairs myself, with a little help from a friend's brother's 12-ton hydraulic press. Oh, my friend was there to make fun of me here and there. This is proof that if you want to go off road and get a bit rowdy that you have to be willing to pay the price. Let's just say that doing it myself, as much as that sucked, saved me around $1k. Oh, and I'm going to have to take it easy for awhile, or until my wallet cools down.



Chandra said...

I'm not gone, just gone private due to all the issues lately within our "circle" if you can call it that. I think I saved you properly with things, but if I didn't let me know and I will update things!
Take care

Megan said...

I'm still here, but it if it makes you feel better, my "numbers" have gone down. WAY down. I feel like it may be this really annoying phenomenon like people actually getting out and doing stuff. I'm not entirely sure, but I find it rather disheartening. I'm glad Clyde is feeling better... he's a cranky old bastard.

BrettM said...

Your cousin (me) still tunes in and reads every post. Lurking is my specialty.

Jay said...

Well, I've doubled my blogging efforts, so feel free to use me as a crutch. A non-sexual crutch that is.

Christielli said...

I understood like nothing in your paragraph on Clyde, other than he's better and you saved some money.

I'm pretty sure Rilo is trying to say hi 'cuz she's attempting to climb on the keyboard.

Julie Schuler said...

Somebody dropped me too! bastards!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Hope you had fun hiking! Glad you had the flashlight, though!

Can't wait to see the hair pic. Did I mention that I have been TRYING to color my hair a reddish color lately? Yeah, it only takes for about a day or two then it's all blond again. But for a couple of days, I bet my hair is redder than yours.

And of course I'm happy to hear that Clyde is now satisfied with his makeover--at least temporarily! ;)

The Grunt said...

Chandra~ People spying on ya?

Megan~ I have a habit of hanging out with cranky old bastards, so why not drive one too?

SuperCuz~ Dude, you should be lurking. You got me into this mess to begin with.

Jay~ I knew you were a true friend.

Christielli~ I've got a fan!

Julie~ There there. We'll cry together.

O-girl~ Well, my hair really isn't red anymore, so you def got me beat.

vera said...

Grunto, I'm one of your biggest fans...
Been out and about a lot!! (read: HELLA LOT!!)
I am also going to Europe again in 2 weeks.