Thursday, April 30, 2009

12-inch Pianist (plus a joke)

This is one of my favorite pianists playing one of my favorite pieces, by one of my favorite Russian composers. Check out the wicked left-hand action.
I've loved this pianist, Anna Gourari, ever since I saw the Werner Herzog film Invincible. She's not only talented and beautiful, she also makes "oh" faces when she plays--kind of like Hendrix did when he played the guitar.

Enough of this high-brow crap.

Today's joke comes directly from my childhood--a little gem that used to crack us kids up back in the day.

There's this Indian chief that is constipated. He goes to his shaman to seek a cure.

Shaman: "What matter, Big Chief?"
Indian chief to shaman: "Ugh! Big Chief no fart!"
Shaman: "That problem can take care of. Try this soup. It has many beans. It will make Chief fart."

So, the Indian chief goes away to his tepee and partakes of the shaman's special soup. The chief wakes up in the morning feeling even worse. He goes back to the shaman.

Shaman: "How soup, Big Chief?"
Big Chief: "Ugh! Big Chief no fart!"
Shaman: "It worse than expected. I'll make even stronger soup so chief can fart."

The Indian chief does as he's told, just like last time and eats the soup. The next morning the chief feels the worst that he's ever felt. He has his sons carry him to the shaman's tepee to see what can be done.

Shaman: "Big Chief don't look so well. Still no fart?"
Big Chief: "Big Chief still no fart! Big Chief kill shaman if no fart this time!"
Shaman: "Big Chief will fart. I have concentrated soup with strong chilies, many beans, and chunks of boar fat in it. Big Chief will fart, or I will willingly die if fail."

The Indian chief is carried away by his sons to his tepee. The chief eats the shaman's strongest soup and goes to sleep. Early in the morning the shaman is woken up by an explosion. He gets out of his tepee to see what happened. When he looks out he sees the villagers running up the hill screaming. He grabs one of the frantic braves and asks him what happened.

Shaman: "What happened? What make big noise?"
Frantic Brave: "Big fart! No Chief!!!"



NYD said...

I LOVE fart jokes!
I am so sophomoric that I have totally forgotten the beautiful music you posted.


Christielli said...

I love pianists too, but more of the contemporary pop kind, like Ben Folds and Tori Amos.

rawbean said...

I don't get the joke. I know...I'm sure it's super obvious.

You just like that second girl because she's hot. It's cool though. I took piano lessons as a kid. Now it's painful if I try and play.

The Grunt said...

NYD~ I do what I can.

Christielli~ What about Fionna?

Rawbean~ Guilty as charged. I played piano when I was little, then the trombone in orchestra. Now I play the instrument that I always wanted to: guitar.