Sunday, March 08, 2009

No, but seriously...

If aliens did instruct the ancient Egyptians on how to build the pyramids, how come they don't drop by there more often? I'm thinking summer home.

If you and I were stick figures, dots and dashes would imply various things: emotions like surprise, looking at something in particular, nipples, wieners, poo, pee, and Morse code. Right now I am ---------- at a very pretty lady in another window, which causes me to become a bit ! In fact, \!/ dots and dashes are a bit naughty.

Dot, I'll be back in a dash...I need to take a slash.

I've often wondered what the consequences of my actions will be. I've also wondered what the consequences of my in-actions would be. I've never considered what the future held for my actions until I stopped doing something. I never thought about what would happen if I did nothing while doing something. I have thought about Rambo in both cases.

God did not put me on this earth for your amusement. This is something that I kind of fell into.

Satan once said something similar: God didn't put me in hell to be the Devil....

I guess the point I am trying to make is that my depravity is contingent upon your gravity.

The End.


Christielli said...

Those aliens are there all of the time. They're just invisible though.

Scott said...

I think there is a distinct possibilty that you are an alien. Have you considered that??

Chris said...

Do you have a bar code on the inside of your right arm?

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ I think that might be it.

Scott~ That would explain some things.

Chris~ I am un-scannable.

NYD said...

HAs it ever crossed your mind that you were put here for our amusement?

Did Rambo provide you with any insights???

Jay said...

I imagine that the pyramids were a sort of alien trailer park, as they would likely be pretty trashy compared to most interstellar technology. Which also explains why the never visit it any more than any of us visit out second cousins that live down South.

Logophile said...

The aliens had passed to the next stage of grief and no longer needed their homes along denial.
get it?
de Nile?
Get it?

The Grunt said...

NYD~ That may be the case, but I expect tips from now on. Rambo taught me not to tolerate people pushing me too far.

Jay~ Man, why didn't I think of it that way before?

Logo~ U=Funny!