Monday, March 30, 2009

Fries without a face

I like taking titles from classic movies and screwing with them.

Clyde might get a new paint job this summer. I'm seeing if it is in the budget and how much of the work I want to take on myself.

An ATV ate my right index finger this weekend.

The bully at work is now afraid to talk to me.

I saw I Love You Man this weekend and parts of it were so true that it was Spinal Tap scary. It makes me wonder what my friend's spouses really think of me.

Tired. Me go to bed now.


Christielli said...

Is Clyde gonna go a new colour, or are you just covering his roots, so to speak?

Kay, do you remember when Skinner and his mom were fighting and he was like "She covered up her half of the TV during Man Without a Face. I didn't even know he had a problem!!" That's a fave of my mother's. She'll just say it out of nowhere, I kid you not.

NYD said...

Glad your mom is well.

Sometimes when you get old you gotta cover up the grey. Can't wait to see Clyde all shiney and sparkling.

I know what my friends spouses think of me and that is why I never go over to their homes.

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ I'm sticking with the dark, metallic forest green. Clyde was a two-tone dark green and sea foam green truck originally--kind of ugly. I then painted it the color it is now and like it that way, but I need someone better than me to shoot the paint this time. As for the Simpsons reference, I remember that one. It would be awesome to hear your mom bust that one out.

NYD~ Well, now that I know what it takes to do a paint job it won't be as costly. I took care of the major body work and rust repair the first time around. Now I just need to take care of the few areas of concern that are rusting, some new fenders, some minor body work, and plenty of block sanding--something that I didn't do enough of the first time around.

Jay said...

Is it sick that I want to see pics of the damaged digit?

Jules said...

Haven't seen that movie yet, but I will look for the true to Grunty's life moments now, for sure!

Sorry to hear about your finger... God, please tell me it isn't on your right hand?! You poor poor man.

Clyde's gonna look top notch!! Can't wait for the pics... oh come on, you KNOW you'll save up for it.

The Grunt said...

Jay~ My fingernail got folded in half the wrong way. I just folded it back and bandaged it up. It feels way worse than it looks.

Jules~ Yeah, you know me well enough to know that I will. Now if the neighbors will just understand.

Sun Follower said...

Classic movies? i was thinking Billy Idol!