Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My mom's surgery was a success. I spent over twelve hours in a place that used to make me throw up. Fun. I got some laughs out of the day, though. My mom forgot to tie the back of her gown and bared her ass at a bunch of people. I started yelling, "Nurse, come help my mother cover up." Another moment of fun came when the head nurse was talking to us and he said, "The surgeon will be in soon to go over the nuts and bolts of everything." I then replied, "Hey, I didn't know that nuts were involved in a hysterectomy." The nurse and his assistant did not laugh. My mom did, however.

On Monday I got into an ugly confrontation with a co-worker in the parking lot. He was supposed to be covering for me last week and basically did nothing. Some people were not aware that I was off doing other things and thought I had stopped doing my job well. I gathered up some facts and told my superiors about what happened. Well, one of my bosses told the guy that I was the one who told him (basically this guy was letting his subordinate push him around and passed the buck to me). Well, this fellow, who is quite a bit bigger than me, comes at me in the parking lot, saying that I am turning everyone against him and that I am trying to get him fired. I felt like he was trying to bully me, well, he was. Anyway, I am a nice guy until you back me into a corner. People's first impression of me is that I wouldn't stand up for myself or face off with someone. Well, they are terribly wrong. I don't like to get mixed up in this kind of shit, but when it does happen, I don't fool around. I held my ground, laid out the facts to this guy, and then told him to step it up or get the hell out. He took a step at me, did this weird, nervous laugh, then got in his car when I wouldn't back down. He called our boss about five minutes later and started talking shit about me, yelling at our boss, and basically trying to bully him into getting his way on this. Today, my boss talked with our head boss about this (I was informed)and our head boss was impressed with my handling of the situation and wrote the douche bag up, effectively insuring that he will not go any further up the promotion chain. It's been a long time coming that someone finally took care of this guy and I didn't even have to lay a finger on him. Bullies aren't used to people standing up for themselves.

If you want to watch an incredibly good, but strange German film, watch Stroszeck. It has a dancing chicken, a blue-darting inmate, an armed robbery that nets a frozen turkey, a musical retard, a whore, a bunch of rednecks, and some pimps. It's not a film for everybody, that's for sure. Fun factoid: This was the last movie that Ian Curtis, of Joy Division, watched on TV just before he hung himself. Very poignant, considering the ending of the film.


vera said...

I am so happy to hear your mum's surgery was a success! More good thoughts out to her direct from Canadar.
And cheers for taking on that bully...

Jay said...

Considering you handed the big C its own ass, I'd never mistake you as someone who backs down in the face of adversity. That being said, I hope you'll at least consider some subversive revenge on this guy... Visine in the coffee perhaps?

Christielli said...

Glad your mom's surgery went well.!

I hate douchebaggery in the workplace. So uncalled for.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I am really glad that your mom's suregery went well! :) My dad is having surgery tomorrow. I pray his will go as well, too!

The Grunt said...

Vera~ I hear that Canadar is a good place. That bully needed it.

Jay~ I'm thinking of putting fecal matter into a cupcake and giving it to him.

Christielli~ Besides being a douchebag, this guy is what I refer to as a "Ninety-eight point sixer", or a warm body.

Julie~ I hope your dad's surgery goes well. I'll have to call and see how things are.

Julie Schuler said...

Yay! I'm glad your mom's surgery went well. And standing up to bullies is double plus good.

Keshi said...

Happy as ever to hear abt ur mum!

Im bak Grunty :) Hope everything has been well with ya.


Jules said...

Really happy to hear everything went well with your mom's surgery and that having to be there for so long didn't just re-associate you with the negs you were there for. I find hospitals hard because of my time in them.

Chris said...

Nay to fecal matter. You don't want to kill him, you want to frighten him like a little school girl. If I were you I would study the Gomer Pyle bathroom scene in Full Metal Jacket and get yourself an M-16. Then practice rolling your eyes back in your head and using the word "Maggot!" alot.

If the guy has a tail, it'll be tucked for sure.

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ I was here waiting for you! So, where's my kiss?

Jules~ That hospital has some difficult memories but the people there are the best medical staff I've encountered. I love them bunches.

Chris~ That's one of my favorite movie scenes ever.

Sun Follower said...

Great news on mom.