Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hello! You may be wondering to yourselves, "What kind of post does Sir Grunty have for us today?" Well, my friends, it is the best kind of post. It's the kind of post where I have no clue what I'm going to say!

I went on a hike today, despite not feeling well this morning. I figured that the mountains were a good enough place to croak as doing it at home. I'm paying the price for it right now (like $2.50), but it was well worth it. I made about five video clips on my hike with my phone, but my phone and my computer broke up about three weeks ago and they haven't been talking ever since.

I'm thinking of converting Clyde (my 1978 K20 pickup) over to CNG. What in the hell is that, you say? That is compressed natural gas, and it is cheap, plentiful, and the cleanest fossil fuel on the planet. Despite my best hopes and wishes, bio-fuels have turned out to be worse than Satan. They are certainly worse than regular petroleum. It turns out that all that green talk about bio-fuel was pure bullshit and will drive food prices up and pollute more than we already do. Oh well, live and learn. It is just a shame that many are not willing to take propane and CNG seriously. Why? Because Big Oil runs that game and we all know that being a really, really good tree hugger means putting horns and a red tail on anything that doesn't run on rainbows and magic wishes. I mean, come on; do you really believe that Hank Hill would be in league with Satan? BTW, Honda already makes a great CNG vehicle.

I saw the movie Speed Racer on Saturday, and to borrow a line from the Burt Reynolds movie "The End", it's like Walt Disney threw up. BTW, that movie is super funny. Burt Reynolds character keeps trying to kill himself and fails each time. Dom DeLuise is a lunatic that wants to help him kill himself. You'd probably have to go to some ghetto video rental place to find an out of print VHS copy of the movie to see it. Does anybody know what I'm talking about here?

Gary Numan once asked this question in a song, when he was in the group Tubeway Army, "Are friends electric?" The answer is, yes, if your friend runs on D cells. If your friend has an AC hookup, then, you are pretty damn hardcore.



Julie Schuler said...

Sometimes I wish I were supersmart, and could figure out a way for everyone to get free energy out of something that there's a lot of, like dirty diapers. I think it would be awesome if everyone worked less because I'm a SAHM, and I'm tired of all my friends being over 60.

I like the picture, a boy and his truck. All that wrench monkey talk.. I'll be dreaming of steel toed boots and greasy overalls tonight.

NYD said...

Well hey there Mr. Grunty Hope the hike was good fer ya soul and I hope that yer cell phone and computer make up real soon.

The taxicabs in my town run on liquid propane gas systems, probably the same or very similar to the CNG engines you were talking about.

I know the Burt Renolds Movie you were talking about.
I loved the scene where he was bargaining with god for his life while making his way back to shore.
Reminds me of many a dark night.

Stay Grunty!

Scott said...

Glad that you got out for the hike. I feel the same way about bio fuel. Just another corporate idea that sounds great but upon further inspection, not so much.

Logophile said...

I am developing an engine that runs on rainbows and smiles, it's a great idea, dammit!
As for Hank Hill and Satan, I saw them on the streetcorner together and you know what they were doing.
You never can tell who to trust. Daffodil to you too.

Keshi said...

bio fuel isnt my cuppa either..I mean my car's cuppa. :)

come take part in my current post Grunty!


The Grunt said...

Julie~ It'd be worth it to have a couple of kids just to fuel my truck off of those dirty diapers, if that were possible.

NYD~ Staying Grunty is something I can do.

Scott~ All of the talk about energy takes me right back to my college sociology courses, with all the conflict over resources. Think of a world with equal access to clean energy. I would hope to see that someday.

Logo~ Well, with as much as you make me smile, I'd be able to make a trip to Mars. As far as what Mr. Hill and Lucifer do on their spare time, well, let's not go there.

Keshi~ Sure, I'll be right over.

Keshi said...

ur comment in my current post made my heart skip a beat ;-)



BrettM said...

Yes, I have seen "The End" and loved it when I was younger. I loved anything with Burt and Dom.

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ Good!

Brett~ They were a good comedic team, even when they were doing Cannonball Run II.

Tys on Ice said...

hey, i remember tht movie..they showed in it our boarding school ( eons ago...burt was still hairy)...loved that last scene where he swims ways out to drown and then decides he wants to live and swims back, nearly drowning in the process...

i also recall this amazing start of that movie which was just silence with burt watching the fish tank after the doctor tells him that hes dying..

amazing...its all coming back...looks like iam not senile after even had tht song ' i did it my way' which is according to me the best song to play at anybody's funeral..