Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Death by hair tussling (w/photo)

Today was insane. I was having lady upon lady run their fingers through my hair at work. All of the women were married, too. I don't get why single ladies don't act upon their desires--it's clear that women want to feel my hair.

I feel a bit unprepared, since I have no photo for you, but my hair right now is especially awesome. I don't comb it or nothing, just wash and towel dry; that's it. There's this textural thing happening with it; plus, it lays down in all these cool waves. The color is light brown with light blond highlights. Did I mention that my hair used to be reddish? It isn't anymore.

I am enjoying this phenomenon of women messing up my hair with their hands. I have figured out that if I could choose a way to die, that death by female hair tussling would be high on my list.

Okay, which one of you ladies wants a tussle?

(There were two other photos, one was much better, but they didn't survive the emailing process from my phone to computer. WTF? The downside with going through all the treatments was that my face aged quite a bit from all the stress. Meh, I still look good.)


vera said...

Red hair FTW!

Hmmmm... I hate strangers touching me, especially with their hands... bwahahaha. Seriously, you never know where there hands have been or if they have washed them after going to the loo, picking their thong out of their arse or playing with the last executive to pass by their cube...

Just be sure to wash your hair with Purell and bleach!


NYD said...

How strange. No one ever thinks of tussling my stubble. It must be my scowl that keeps 'em at bay.

Julie Schuler said...

Don't you have a camera? I have to see this luscious luscious glory atop your noggin.

Julie Schuler said...

Oooh photographic evidence. Nice.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I have to admit that I wanted to touch your hair when we went for a ride because it looked so soft (just like Lucy) but I didn't think you would want to be petted. HA!

I think married women find it easier to give into their impulses because you want think anything of it since they are married and so it's safe. However us single women...well, we don't want you to think we are freaky weirdos if we suddenly reach across and run our fingers through your hair and coo about how soft it is. (especially while on a scenic drive! ;) )

Keshi said...

OMG I so wanna kick those women! Cos Im super jealous :( No one touches mah babeh's beautiful hair except me!

Love ur NEW hair man! Absolutely GORGEOUS! Love the color and the texture it seems to hv now. Also, the cut...SEXAAAY! I wanna run my hair thru ur brandnew hot hair Grunty. I love doing that...not that I hv done that alot tho LOL!

And u really do look GREAT! I dun think u hv aged...I think u hv this superb new down-to-earth kinda steamy look...u know, 'come-get-me-if-u-think-u-can-cos-u-really-cant' kinda look :). Unreal!

u've only gotten sexier. Im not saying this for the heck of it, I really do find ya even more desirable now. trust me!

**if I could choose a way to die, that death by female hair tussling would be high on my list

LOL Grunty!

So when do I get my chance? I dun think I'll stop doing it tho..besides Im not married, so here's ur hair's chance to FEEL me ;-).



Keshi said...

k I guess that was the longest comment here ever! LOL!


Tys on Ice said...

u lucky man u....u got a full head of hair for them to run their teasing fingers thru...me? they will have to open my shirt or take down my pants...somehow no women seems to make that effort...hmmm...wonder why?

The Grunt said...

Vera~ Yeah, they need to make a disinfecting 2-in-1 Pert for me.

NYD~ Hey, ladies loved to rub my head when I was bald. The hair just adds a bit of static electricity. If I were you, I'd keep the scowl. Scowls are bound to become the next big thing.

Julie~ Yes, I do have proof. Next I will be auctioning off locks of my hair on Ebay.

O-Girl~ You could have touched my hair and I wouldn't have freaked out. Hell, I let you do that other thing to me.

Keshi~ I can dig it:D

Tys~ It's like I tell these ladies: "You know, I'm growing new hair in other places too."

Autumn Storm said...

Aye, that you most certainly do. :-)

Karyn said...

Put me down for a hair tussle! You look incredible. I am so proud of you.

The Grunt said...

Autumn~ Aw shux!

Karyn~ I will fit you in my schedule, for sure.

Jules said...

Aw Grunty... you look better than good, you sexy sexy man! I can see why the women are all into that tussling thing!

Chandra said...

I'm no doc but I'm guessing that all the chemicals messed up your hormones and stripped the red out of your hair. At least that's what I have noticed from experience.

Married women or "taken women" will touch you more because they are confident and secure and don't see it as flirting. Single women act desperate or at least the ones I've seen lately!