Monday, May 26, 2008

Read this post. Why? Because I wrote it.

I missed the last part of Rambo in order to write you this post. Feel special? Good. See, I am writing this post for you, even though it is about me, it is done with you in mind.

Cell phones in movies: Turn those damn things off. When I saw the new Indiana Jones movie on Saturday, there was this mother and her kids all texting each other through the whole damned movie. Damn, damn, dammit, people! I talked to the mother and explained that the texting was bothering me. She replied that it wasn't making any noise, so why should I care? I then told her that the light from the phone screens were distracting me from the movie, which was impolite. They stopped for awhile, then one of her sons started again. I knew that I could make this a scene, or do my best to ignore it. I chose the latter and I don't know if that was the right thing to do. At least I made my point clear. I feel sorry for people who are inconsiderate.

I get to go see Death Cab For Cutie Monday (today). A guy that I know was going to see them with his wife and they couldn't get a baby sitter. His wife wasn't the fan here, so she told him to find someone to go with him and she'd watch the kids. I had no idea that I was on this guy's list of friends. I mean, we're friendly, but yeah, it's cool. I am not DCFC's #1 fan or anything, but I can get into them enough that this is exciting to go and see them live. I'd much rather be seeing them with a girl. I mean, I can do AC/DC with a guy and have no issues, but emotive music like this is pushing my limits of who I can sit next to and share special moments with. What the hell, though; it's free! And you know what else? I've been told that my cover of "I will follow you into the dark" has made girls' panties explode.


So, what's upwitchu?


Keshi said...

hey Grunty how r we? :)

**I can do AC/DC with a guy and have no issues, but emotive music like this is pushing my limits of who I can sit next to and share special moments with

LOL good luck!


NYD said...

I just can't understand why folks can't turn off their phones fer the length of a movie.

If playin the guitar can make a gals panties explode then I better keep practicing. My girl keeps takin the darned thang away from me.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about your movie theater drama. That's where I take out most of my aggression :)

Christielli said...

I really hope that you get to see the show. I've never seen DCFC live but I'd really like to.

I'll say a little prayer to the weather gods for you.

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ It turned out ok.

NYD~ Practice, practice, practice, my friend.

Megatropolis~ Right on! Sounds like I could have used your services on that day.

Christielli~ Your little prayer worked. The concert was delayed two hours, but it was great. Do go and see DCFC if the swing by Toronto. They sound even better live, in my opinion. I was worried that their material wouldn't translate as well on stage as it does in the recording studio.

Kayla said...

Wow! Exploding panties. Now that's what you call talented ;-)

Nothing really new going on with me.
Been going to all of the spring/summer arts and music festivals that come along. Love it!

Hope you're doing great

Julie Schuler said...

I could hardly bring myself to comment. I'm too jealous. Movies? Concerts? Lucky Dog. I went outside to the sandbox yesterday and promptly got a shovelful of sand poured in my pants.

Autumn Storm said...

Now there's your next video post, just so we can test the theory. ;-)
Shiny and happy, nice to see, x

Logophile said...

He didn't try to hold your hand, did he?
BTW, be careful, shrapnel from exploding panties can kill.

The Grunt said...

Kayla~ Good to have you stop by! It's been awhile. I'm doing fine. I just need to hear some good news at my checkup tomorrow.

Julie~ Sand down the pants? Kinky!

Autumn~ I'd rather do one of my songs. I don't want to do a music video post with my phone, so I am going to have to borrow someone's video camera. I do want to do this, though, so stay tuned.

Logo~ His wife is too good looking for him to be switching sides, and from my point of view, that is a good thing.

Diane Mandy said...

Did you like Indiana Jones?

The Grunt said...

Yes, it was awesome!

egan said...

I don't get the damn texting during a movie. As if the glare from the phone isn't visible to anyone else. You're right to feel sorry for inconsiderate people, but it's hard to empathize.

Crystal said...

i still have cotton shrapnel embedded in my vagina face.