Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bad dream and gummy worms with a side of "me"

I had a horrible dream last night. I can't really do it justice here. In the dream I was in my future home, wherever that is, and a nuclear blast came from the north, sending a shock wave down. It was so graphic, from the smell, the brightness, and the sound of the blast and shock wave. The weirdest and most terrifying thing was the sound--a ripping wave of thunder. I could hear things being torn to shreds and then bursting. The dream continued where I was gathering my future family and having the feeling like the house was going to crumble. That was when a second blast southwest of there went off, and the whole thing kind of replayed itself. I'm not thinking that I was having some kind of prophetic dream. It was probably something I ate that night, but holy hell it was just too much. It is amazing what the subconscious mind can fabricate/simulate.

I was watching a DVD and eating some gummy worms. While eating the gummy worms, I decided to have a side of lip to go with my treats. I've got quite the little hole now inside of my lip. Gummy worms and blood make for an interesting combo. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

BTW, when I grow up I want to be a Kefitzat Haderech. Oh yeah, my birthday is coming soon. Maybe outer space Santa will get me something cool.



Diane Mandy said...

Ouch! I HATE when that happens.

Julie Schuler said...

yuck. I hate all things gummy. The worst sort of candy. Unchewable.

That's a terrible dream. I just saw some pictures of Hiroshima. Man is a bad animal.

Good luck with your Kaballah. I am going to try Pythagorean-style bilocation, after the accordian.

Scott said...

Dude, you gotta get the book "Life After God" there is a whole section in it that has these snapshops of how people see a nuclear bomb going off. That and it just happens to be my favourite book of all time.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Your dream does sound disturbing. It sounds like it was very realistic and graphic just like the meteor dreams I have.

Lay off the gummy worms! :)

Keshi said...

OUCH! i so hate it when that happens.


NYD said...

Using your lips tongue or the inside of your cheek as a condiment can never be good for you.

Stop eating the midnight burritos and the dreams will settle down.

NYD said...

oh yeah, almost forgot. The Misfits ROCK!

The Grunt said...

Diane~ Ouch is right!

Julie~ Yes, all things in due time. Accordian is a good start. In fact, the accordian kicks ass, so I'm looking forward to hearing your first album of "Julie does The Butthole Surfers on accordian" album.

Scott~ I actually went to a local bookstore today looking for that book because of your suggestion. They didn't have it. I will keep looking.

O-girl~ Was Bruce Willis in your dream?

Keshi~ Will you kiss it better?

NYD~ It was late night Mexican food! You get the bonus prize for knowing what 138 was all about, and they do kick ass.