Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Bike" and random

Last Saturday I was helping sort things out at my parent's storage unit. There was a ton of crap that was taken to the D.I., our version of Goodwill in this area. Also, a huge load of garbage was hauled away as well. This is when I came across my dad's old bicycle, a 1950 Mohawk. It would make a perfect beach cruiser. The chain guard, fenders, back rim, name plate, and original seat are gone. But, the bike would not take much at all to actually become a nice "about town" cruiser. So, this is going to be my next project and it will be just in time for spring.

I'm going to a funeral in the morning. John was accidentally killed in a fast food restaurant men's restroom by a man who was carrying a loaded gun in his pants. The man just got done going to the toilet, pulled up his pants, when his gun came out of his concealed holster inside his pants. The gun hit the floor and went off, shooting John dead. Before any of you start to lament the senseless loss of life, I need to confess something to you: John is a toilet. The restaurant actually will be holding a funeral for their deceased toilet as a publicity stunt. I live seven minutes away from this place and go there often, so I figure I might as well attend. I mean, how often do I get a chance to hear a eulogy for a toilet?

I watched Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket last night. That is one of my favorite war dramas. I can't help but wonder, though, about Private "Gomer Pyle". I think that they should have just locked him in that bathroom and let him have a bit of a freakout, then ship him off to 'Nam where he could actually kill the enemy. I guess the point was that his Drill Sergeant and his fellow privates became his enemy. The other thing about that movie that I marvel about is how far five dollars went back in those days. Jeepers!

I was told by a higher up today that my hair was becoming "mighty robust". I asked if that meant that she liked it. She just replied something to the effect that I could appreciate it more than others. So, I guess I don't have to get my hair cut yet.

I think you've had enough. Hey, if you haven't checked in on my previous post's roll call, just do it here. Ta!


Jay said...

Oh man. Funerals are always shitty, but this one takes it to a whole new level.

Chris said...

Gomer would have failed the psyche test. He never would have had the chance to kill Charlie.

vera said...

RIP John...
Kubrick is brilliant. A Clockwork Orange is my favourite film!
In fact, I'm going to watch it again this weekend!!
Oooo Kubrick film fest! I've got them all... How inspirational.
PS: I thought you were going to blog about Pink Floyd's song "Bike"...

Queue_t said...

I failed the roll call on the last post, but I am still here for you !

I am busy and not blogging as much as I had in the past either.

But I am still loyal. QT

The Grunt said...

Jay~ I poured a 40 of Lysol toilet cleaner on the curb for my departed homie.

Chris~ Yeah, I was wondering about that one as well. I've known a few "Gomers" in my life. Thank God I wasn't around when they flipped out.

Vera~ I've got a bike. You can ride it if you like. I would love to have a Kubrick film fest witcha! I would even want to watch Barry Lyndon.

QT~ I always know that you are on my team!

KuPu said...

Hey Grunty! Sorry to hear about your dear old friend John! You must've gotten really close to him eh! LOL! I'm still here as well! I may not post all the time, but I do stop by every once in awhile to read your blog. Honestly, it's your's only! Just to see what's new, how you're doing, and all that FUN Jaz! You're a guy that I'll never, ever forget!
I'll think of John today, when I go near one, kay! :op

The Grunt said...

KuPu~ Now I am trying to figure out who you are. I am sure that I'll figure it out. I'm glad that you check in on me:) Keep checking on me. Don't be a stranger.

Christielli said...

That fool carrying the loaded gun in his pants was lucky that he didn't shoot himself.

"Mighty robust." LOL It think it's funny that someone said that out loud.

NYD said...

I'm just sittin here imagining what everyone is gonna lay on the grave before youse cover ol' John.

NYD said...

Oh, and fyi, robust hair would have been a perfect subject for TIGFriday post.

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ Yeah, that is the danger of carrying a loaded weapon. It's a lot of responsibility. Anyway, I think the lady that said that my hair was "mighty robust" is half Vulcan, like Spock.

NYD~ Well, it was at Carl's Jr., so you could have eaten there and produced something fitting from both ends. BTW, the next time someone asks me to describe myself I'm going to say, "Mighty robust".