Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Grunt just lucky, I guess

Have you ever been removing snow with a snow blower, backed up, fell backwards onto a fire hydrant, then had your leg get pinned? Well, you haven't lived until you've done that, my friends. Thank goodness I still have some high quality prescription painkillers left. I'm as sore as a muhfuhka. On the plus side, the McRib is back.


Julie Schuler said...

yippeee, I love the McRib! I bet you can smoosh the painkillers right under the top bun and have a pretty good day for yourself.

Scott said...

Man, the McRib never makes its way up to these parts. So unfair.

Glad to hear that no limbs were lost in said snowblower accident.

NYD said...

Seriously, man, you have all the luck.

Jay said...

What if you were to run that snowblower through a pile of McRibs, with the resulting McShower of meaty goodness raining down upon me? Now that would be lucky.

Chris said...

That's a good Grunty. Always looking at the bright side.

Miss Pants said...

Snow is totally lame and the McRib scares me.

Christielli said...

Whenever I hear of anyone's snow removal mishaps, I thank my lucky stars for apartment life.

What was the name of the Krusty burger McRib? The Ribwich? They used to have the McRib in Canada back when I was a kid, but haven't in years. Pretty sure it's a conspiracy.

Sun Follower said...

This is why live in LA. No snow and no blowers (of snow, anyway) However, I am sure one can acquire painkillers aplenty with the right HMO. Hope you achin' leg feels better soon.

The Grunt said...

Julie~ That sounds like a dare!

Scott~ I have no idea why they wouldn't. Canadians like mystery meats covered in sauce, don't they?

NYD~ I need to get my butt over to the casinos, then.

Jay~ I'd be willing to try something like that.

Chris~ Hey, it's just like when I found out that I had cancer. I thought to myself, "Boy, my family is going to be rich from my life insurance pay out." Damn doctors had to go and make me better.

Pants~ Snow is lame, unless I have money and time to go skiing. As for the McRib, it is scary. That's why they drown it in BB-Q sauce. It's basically a hot dog that's been squashed by a logger's boot.

Christielli~ I would love to live in an apartment, but I need to make noise with guitars and stuff and not hear other people make noise and stuff. Stuff. As for the Ribwich, classic episode. Hey, I got Simpson's seasons 1-3 on DVD for Christmas. I wish it were possible to have a Simpsons-a-thon witcha.

Sun~ The leg is doing pretty good. It feels knotted a bit, but I'm able to work all right on it. Snow is great when you don't have to go out in it or you are just playing around in it. Other than that, it is just angel dandruff.