Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dream #47,372

I had this dream this week, Monday night/Tuesday morning sometime abouts.

My friend Wayne and I were venturing in a strange part of the country. We saw a chapel that had a strange glow about it. People were filing in. We wanted to know what was going on, so we entered in the building. Inside the chapel there was a congregation of about 300 people and several open caskets with fresh corpses, not preserved, in the front near the pulpit.

My friend and I sat down on a pew somewhere in the middle of the meeting hall. The pastor gave his sermon and people began to be filled with some kind of pentecostal-like rapture. A man behind me started to grope and fondle my shoulders and head. I ordered him to stop. He said that everybody was joining in and that it was part of the ceremony. A woman told the man that she would take me instead and she started caressing me. This went on for a while. It wasn't an orgy as it was more like some weird holy roller "love in", without overt sexual contact.

At the height of the group's fascinations with each other, the pastor raised himself atop the pulpit, was delivered a corpse, and reached into the body and pulled out the rib cage. He then said, "Communion for those who believe. Damnation to those who do not. Eat! Eat!". The pastor then threw the rib cage out into the congregation and the feast began.

While this was going on, I could not find my friend. I was scared out of my wits and tried to escape the church. When I broke free from the congregation, some noticed and they sought out to apprehend me. I evaded them through the maze of dark halls and classrooms. I ended outside, via an open window. I hid up in a thicket, waiting to see if my friend would make it out. My dream ends there.

I'll tell you, this is the last damn time I roast my own peanuts and eat them before I go to bed.


Julie Schuler said...

Wow That's a crazy dream, erotic and cannibalistic and religious. It's got it all, baby!

Jay said...

Now that's the kind of dream that gets made into a Lifetime original movie.

Megan Vanderlinden said...

Mmmmm... human ribs.

Anonymous said...

All you needed was some sauce! Sauce makes the ribs! ;)

The Grunt said...

Julie~ I need to invent a "dreamcorder". I've always had pretty far out dreams.

Jay~ If I could have that happen, consider my life fulfilled.

Megan~ The term "baby back" makes this scenario even more grotesque.

Quantumfauxpas~ I'm pretty sure they did something like this in that movie "Fried Green Tomatoes".

Chris said...

Say what you want about the ribs, they sure beat Tony Roma's

Christielli said...

Wow, that's a weird dream.

I had two weird dreams this weekend, one involved me not being able to control my very lovely period 4 class during their final exam (they were all talking to each other!) and another one was about finding out a pretty bad secret about someone and trying to resolve it in my head.

But, isn't it so awesome when you have these weird dreams and you wake up and they are not true!

The Grunt said...

Chris~ Here! Here!

Christielli~ I love dreams, especially the weird ones. It gives an element of mystery about me to myself, if that is even possible.

Jules said...

Ummmmm... ?