Sunday, January 25, 2009

The mostest with the postest

I don't have a lot to say. I took this photo at a auto salvage parking lot.

I bought a new laptop. I should be getting it next week sometime. Now I am cool.

I watched First Blood on Blue Ray. It was cool as always. One thing, however: How come, in the Viet Nam flashbacks, Rambo looks like a cousin of Three Dog Night's Chuck Negron? Were all the army barbers being held prisoner by Charlie or something?

My goal this year is to learn how to hambone.

I'm starting to develop crushes on all old fugly trucks. Trucks that look like this:
While I could buy one now and fix it up, I'm waiting to get married, sick of her, and then buying it to piss her off. I am thoughtful.

I don't have much more to say. I'm going to watch my Simpsons' DVDs.


Jay said...

I'm all for geek porn, so I hope you throw up some pics of the new laptop. You being nude in said pics is optional.

Chris said...

You don't need to say much when you post a pic of a 51 Ford Pickup. I had one and I had to start it, not with a key, but a screwdriver. Sweet.

Christielli said...

I love random posts about nothing in partic.

What's hamboning?
What season of the Simpsons?

Also, my life sucks when people don't understand my Simpsons references. Today we got a *new* electric pencil sharpener in the science office and I was like "now to take it for a test toast" and ppl looked at me as if I was crazy.

Anyway, sharing the above with you since you'd get it.

The Grunt said...

Jay~ The laptop is supposed to arrive next week and I'll post photos. For humanity's sake, I'll refrain from posting nude pictures of myself.

Chris~ I absolutely love the early '50s model Fords pickups. The grill is so evil looking. This picture is of a COE Ford heavy truck, which makes it even more evil and strange looking. It's what I'd haul my regular '51 with to the auto shows. Lastly, I like the fact that you could start your old truck with a screw driver. Sweet, indeed!

Christielli~ Hambone is another word for the "Juba" dance. I have seasons 1-3 of the Simpsons. I want to get more of them, but I am a big fan of the series from its origins to the late nineties, then I feel that the quality of the writing started to decline. That said, I think The Simpsons is head and shoulders above anything else, still. Anyway, I would have laughed a hearty laugh at your "test toast" comment:D