Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going back

I finally got my files backed up from my ancient computer. Since then I have been reading old papers from college and various proto-Grunt writings. I decided to open up a file: a novel that I started in 2001. Boy, it sucks. I went through and edited, changed things here and there. I've decided that with a major re-write that it could be as good as I thought it could be back in the day.

I wanted to be a writer. I've gotten away from that. There's such pretense about saying that you want to be a writer that I eventually could not stomach it when I uttered those words to anyone. Now, I think I'm going to have another go at it. Only this time, I am not going to worry about being a writer. I just want to tell a story. I think being away from school has helped me in that my writing style has become more colloquial. There are no more professors to impress or cohorts to outdo. It's just me now. I like it that way. It's Grunt.


NYD said...

If it's gonna be Grunty. It'll be worth a read.
You are far from pretentious. Somewhat disturbed, yes; but pretentious, no.

Jay said...

No doubts you can do this, especially now that you've dropped any notions of what it "means" to be a writer.

Oh, and I expect a first edition. SIGNED.

Chris said...

It is a worthy goal. My Grandfather was a writer and he had quite a life. Very rewarding if you immerse yourself in it. I'd love to do it, but life tends to side track me.

Christielli said...

I think every blogger wants/wanted to be a writer. We are a pretentious bunch like that.

The Grunt said...

NYD~ "Disturbed" is a compliment to me now. Oh, and I'll always be Grunty!

Jay~ Having those notions colors the story. I mean, are you true to the story or are you just engaging in mental or egotistical masturbation? Yes, you get a signed copy.

Chris~ Cool to hear about your grandpa. As far as life sidetracking me, I'm in luck. I have no life!

Christielli~ Yeah, but you're the kind of pretentious I like.

Jules said...

Much better to do something to please yourself rather than do it for the goal of pleasing others. And just the act of finishing it will be a major deal for you after this long, it will feel amazing!

The Grunt said...

Jules~ I'm all about feeling amazing or amazing feelings. Finally, feeling about all amazed is another one that I like.