Thursday, February 14, 2008

TIGF!!!(That's Incredibly Gay Friday): This video

I think it speaks for itself. It is a catchy tune and the imagery is pure TIGF!!! Look at their choreography. The band is called MUD and the song is "Dynamite".

Early seventies glam rock is TIGF to the tenth power. Did I ever mention that I love it? Sweet, Slade, MUD, Gary (I'm a pedophile) Glitter, Ziggy Stardust era Bowie, and Mott the Hoople. Some of these bands were more TIGF than others. Mott were serious rockers who had the glam forced on them to get more record sales. It worked. Slade were proto AC/DC and supplied Quiet Riot with their biggest hits (Cum On Feel The Noize & Mama We're All Crazy Now). They also looked like a bunch of drunken leprechauns that got in a fight in a pile of metal shavings. Bowie was the consummate artist who set the scene and had the coolest guitarist on the planet in Mick Ronson. These three bands transcended the glam era and can be taken seriously.

The others made up for their lack of genius and depth by pouring on the sugar and the glitz. These are the truly TIGF bands: Sweet, MUD, Gary (I molest underage Asian children) Glitter, Bay City Rollers, Edison Lighthouse, David Cassidy, Suzy Quattro, and even The Osmonds. These are the bands that give me a reason to point and laugh. They were oh so pretty. They also produced some of the catchiest tunes ever. Damn them to hell!

In closing, I don't know how I ever got sucked into this stuff. I certainly am not old enough to have been in this scene from the beginning. I think it was when I got into Bowie that I started to look at all the bands that popped up in his wake. Needless to say, it is all just a guilty pleasure for me, glam rock.


BrettM said...

How do their spines not snap by the end of that song?

NYD said...

The video has expired and fortunately so have most of those bands you mentioned.
Rock changed during the seventies and although there were/are occasional bright spots I fear that we will never again experience the depth that "classic" bands brought to us.

Photogirl said...

I'm far too young to know anything about any of those bands. Maybe next week's TIGF can involve a band from the 90's? ;)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

GUILTY pleasure is right! You should be ashamed of yourself. ha! Only kidding.

I can't even begin to name my guilty pleasure music. You know the kind that I make sure I turn wayyyy down to low volume when I stop at a traffic light! ;)

Keshi said...

old rockers. well I aint that old but my brain maybe :)

btw Grunty I want u to read my current post, when u hv time...its for everyone actually. HUGGGGGGGGZ!


The Grunt said...

Brett~ I stand in awe of their abilities to withstand whiplash.

NYD~ Bands nowadays aren't granted the time to develop like they did back in the day. The record companies want their investments to pay off straight away and I'm afraid that they are purely businessmen.

Celeste~ It's easy for me to pick a band from the nineties that is gay: Ace of Bace!!!

O-Girl~ Yes, I do know what you mean.

Keshi~ I will read it. I promise.

Photogirl said...

I knew you would say that. Because I saw the signs.

Keshi said...

ty for dropping by Grunty, MWAH!