Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some stuff I threw together

Hey, I hope you are all having a great President's Day, even those outside of the U.S.. I am showing my support for the tenth president of the United States, John Tyler. Why? Because nobody gives a shit about him anymore, or ever. I'm all about the underdog or loser.

The above clip is me in my home town. I just got done taking a walk. I'm trying to get my body built back up and manage my moods through exercise. I was near a major interstate, so you can barely hear what I'm saying. Here is the gist of it: "Hey, everybody! I just got done taking a walk. It was pretty good. I wish you could have come with. Yep!" Wow! That is entertainment.

I want to be on the state of Utah's tourism bureau, or whatever in the hell it's called. My idea would be to attract tourism to some of our more obscure small towns. My state slogan would simply list a few of these wonderful places: "Utah: Fillmore, Virgin, Beaver!!!" I think it would bring in tourists by the millions.

I'm growing hair all over the place now. It is a weird sensation having full body stubble.

If I have one more person tell me to go see "The Bucket List" because I've had cancer, I'm going to pee on their shoes. I mean, just because I've got a similar disease does not mean that I want to watch some crap-ass movie where some characters have it. I wonder if people with herpes go through this. Notice that I said "had cancer" above. I really think I am done with this stuff, for realsies yo! There I go again, using that phrase "for realsies".

The one thing that I've noticed with my radiation treatments is that I can taste it when it hits me. It is weird as hell. While we are on the subject of taste, it has been effected since I've been doing "the boost", or the last push of my therapy. They are treating two additional fields and I've noticed that my throat is getting hit harder. I've only got three more to go. I have today (Monday) off from work and treatment. Thursday will be my last day for radiation treatment. If I want any more glow I will have to dig out my grandparent's old Magnavox color TV set from the sixties and sit in front of that for a few hours a day. It's either that, or a cell phone cod piece/head gear halo ensemble. Beam me up, Scotty.

I just read my sentence from the above paragraph, "If I want any more glow I will have to dig out my grandparent's old Magnavox color TV set from the sixties and sit in front of that for a few hours a day." I want to know how you dig something out from the sixties? If it were from the seventies or eighties you could just use a coke spoon.

Okay, I'm done here. I kept typing, hoping that I'd remember one last thing, but I forgot it. Oh well.


NYD said...

I like the idea that you take us along with you on your constitutionals. Even if we can't be with you in the flesh we get to share the experience vicariously.

Full body stubble, hmmm I see a whole post about that coming up on a friday in the near future.

Clearlykels said...

I love taking walks. I'm glad you feel up to it.

Let's see if your hair grows back curly :-)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

That looks like a familiar spot there!

Glad you enjoyed such a nice day and walk!

I'll bet the full body stubble has to be a bit itchy!

Crystal said...

keshi's head shall commence exploding.


and i only know that because mine almost did.


Photogirl said...

so, how long until you have a full head of hair again?

Keshi said...

loved it Grunty woohoo!

when ur hair grows back Im sure it'll be curly...wud love to see ya like that :)


The Grunt said...

NYD~ I want to do higher resolution videos. It's just easy to do it with my phone since I take it with me wherever I go. The full body stubble is itchy.

Kels~ My hair is growing but it is thin and patchy. So, for now I have to keep trimming it. Too bad you and I don't live closer. I need a walking partner.

O-Girl~ Yeah, you know where that is. If the video was better you'd be able to see the mountains in more detail.

Crystal~ It's the new, sexier me. This is what happens when you realize that life is way too short. Done any ketchup videos lately?

Celeste~ I really don't know. I keep trimming what hair is growing because it still is coming in inconsistently.

Keshi~ I don't know if I want curly hair, but it sure seems like all the women would like it.

Tys on Ice said...

full body you can just roll on furniture that needs sanding...

pretty cool but i will miss that bald look..

wht does radiation taste like?

glad to see that u kicked the motherfuckers...way to go, stud.

Christielli said...

I like the saying for realsies. For realsies.

vera said...

Go see "27 Dresses"... heh


Keshi said...

u know wut, I still luv ur bald look. Its HOT.

**Too bad you and I don't live closer. I need a walking partner.

awww I'd love to go walking with ya Grunty. I just got bak from a lunchtime walk with muy work-mates. And all thess guys ever talk abt is cars. ***rolling eyes***


The Grunt said...

Tys~ I like the bald look too. I think I will keep it shorn but not shaved. Radiation tastes like funky air. It is hard to describe.

Christielli~ It is an addictive phrase, for realsies!

Vera~ Yeah, I bet that is way better than "No Country For Old Men"...not!

Keshi~ I still need a walking partner. It would be great if you could be mine. I would try not to talk about cars. No promises, though;)

Scott said...

Glad that the hair is growing back. Utah is right near the top of my list. Hopefully one day we can do some riding out there!

The Grunt said...

That would be cool, Scott!

Sun Follower said...


I feel a movie pitch coming....

Keshi said...

we can talk abt us? ;-)

gossshhh looks like we r on a massive flirting session here. LOL!


Karyn said...

I threw down and celebrated abroad in honor of James K Polk. Most people don't even remember we HAD a President called James K Polk. Can you imagine the ad campaigns for that poor bastard today?

Vote Polk!
Polk For President!
Polking The Polls!
President Polks' First Lady!

And so forth.