Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just Chillin'

I'm starting to look less like "The Hills Have Eyes" dude. My face isn't gray like it used to be and the dark circles under my eyes are getting lighter. Hairs are popping up here and there. It will be awhile before I'm back to normal, though.Don't laugh too hard at the posing in this picture. It was all to impress a girl. The picture was taken during my "Bathroom Mirror Camera Phone Shot" phase. What in the hell is up with the size of this photo anyway?

Hey, how about the big game? Can you believe what that one team did? Amazing.

It is snowing like a madman outside right now. I didn't know that madmen produced snow, let alone in such quantities. You learn something new each day.

I often wonder if Jesus liked having his birthday on Christmas. Did this result in less myrrh?

Have you ever bought a particular CD at a "boutique" record/CD shop just to impress the dude/dudette that works there with your taste in music?

It's still snowing like crazy. I think it will snow about eight to ten inches here. If it snowed only four inches I'd go outside and laugh at the clouds' puniness. Anyway, the storm front was sporting a thick '70s style porn 'stache. It's going to be deep.

Talk amongst yourselves.


Keshi said...

That 2nd pic is of u right? OMG Im totally smitten! ;-)

btw which girl did ya wanna impress? **Keshi's heart breaks***


Diane Mandy said...

I'm so happy your looking and feeling better. When my dear friend was battling lung cancer I shaved my head to raise money for research. It was the longest 6 months of my life waiting for my hair to grow back. Today, I'm the one with dark circles, however. The game didn't come on till midnight our time. Giants made it all worth it!

PS. You're such a cutie!

NYD said...

Hair is overrated my friend.
Without it you'll know it's raining or snowing before everyone else.

I like how the older picture spills across the page. Did it impress the chick you were after or did you have to offer her some myrrh?

Crystal said...


Crystal said...

is that the pic that you send out to impress all the ladies?

let me tell you why it is sexy.

1. look at you. have you seen you?

2. you are giving off that "are you serious? you are not in any way good enough for me" vibe and chicks totally dig that shit.

3. look at you. have you seen you?


Karyn said...

Beautiful - inside and out.

Rock on, Grunt.

Chandra said...

Been thinking of you... got to catch up on your world by catching up on the blog.
1)Lavender is supposed to be soothing to your body and for relaxation.
2)The game well... it was complicated...
3) Mirror bathroom pictures are fun!
provided you are standing up... ok that doesn't work for guys.. ok standing up and FAR from the facilities...
4)Yes totally bought a "indie" cd so that I seemed cooler.... and even listened to certain music when being in the same room with a boy so he thought I was "wicked awesome".
5)You have a way with the bloodhound puppy eyes

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ Yes, they are both pictures of me. I'm quite dashing, aren't I? Right now I'm willing to impress any girl.

Diane~ Aw shux! Thanks.

NYD~ I like the baldness. I'm figuring out whether to keep it or not. As far as the girl, I wanted to give her some myrrh badly.

Crystal~ You are too good, chica. Plus, well, you know.

Karyn~ Thanks! I like to rock.

Chandra~ I've never heard of eyes described like that. Cool!

Photogirl said...

Looking good!

Photo #2: You definitely have this "I'm way too cool for this photo" kind of air about you. As Paris would say "its HOT!" Wait a minute, I'd say that too!

and by the way...its not the amount of snow that counts, its the size of the snowballs you can make. err, or something like that.


Jules said...

You're looking really good, Grunty! And by now you're half way through your radiation! Keep strong, keep going... you're almost there!

Scott said...

I was thinking it is a bit more of a Lex Luther look myself.

I have absolutely bought music to impress someone. Good times.


Keshi said...

any girl? noooo u r wayyyy to good-looking for just any girl! with or w.o. hair, u look ABSOLUTELY HOT both in and out!

HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! Wanna go out with me? ;-)


The Grunt said...

Celeste~ *Blushes* Oh yeah, I'm a snow ball making maniac too.

Jules~ Yes! Wednesday is hump day!!!

Scott~ Yes, picture #1 is me hatching a diabolical plan to rule the world.

Keshi~ Hell yeah I'd go out with you. What's air fare like these days;)

Keshi said...

:) I'd go crazy if I really met ya. UR HOT GRUNTZ!


Crystal said...

i can't be too certain, but i think keshi may have a crush on you. i don't know. just sayin. don't tell her i told ya. i was just readin and i got that feeling, you know, that vibe from her and since i am way more intuitive than most people, i thought i would share with you my psychicness and let you know that i think, perhaps, there may be a chance that keshi may want to you know, rub some lavender oil on your cath bump but i could be mistaken. just, ya know, thought i'd be a pal and tip you off. hope that's ok.

Keshi said...

lol Crystal r u a Crystal-ball reader? :) :)


Crystal said...

keshi - lol i should work for the circus

The Grunt said...

ROTFLMAO-OMG-like totally, ladies!

Keshi said...

hahaha! Crystal if u ever work for the Circus, dun forget to call me too. Cos Im such a clown!

LOL Grunty!