Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Up too late

It really isn't late as far as what I was used to staying up, but it is for a guy that has to be at a hospital early in the morning. I'm a little keyed up right now. It would be nice if I didn't have thoughts of getting hooked up to machines and chemicals getting pumped into me.

However, the knowledge and the fact that this will mark my 2/3rds of the way through for chemotherapy is pretty damn exciting. So, I am both filled with dread and excitement. I will name this new confused feeling mixodemotemented.

So, now I bid thee adieu. I must repair to my race car bed and think of what kind of super powers would get me laid the most.


Jules said...

Being able to read women's minds woudl get you laid the most. Like in the movie What Women Want... it's just a fact!

Good luck today, sweetheart!

The Grunt said...

Jules~ Well, you make my job easy, seeing as you are the only commenter. I would love to be able to read women's minds. That would be the ultimate.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

2/3rds there now! Yay! Hope you feel well tomorrow so you can celebrate it with a steak.

You don't need any superpowers. The though of you in a racecar bed should be plenty enough.

vera said...

I text messaged you... That has to count for something... :\



Good luck, brave soldier.

Keshi said...

Good luck with the 1/3 of it thats left Grunty!

u already HAVE the power..UR HOT!


Scott said...

The ability to conger up shoes at your whim should do it.

Good luck yo!

The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ Who knew that race car beds were hot?

Vera~ I didn't get it:(

Ubermouth~ Thanks!

Keshi~ Who's calling who hot, hottie?

Scott~ Very good super power.

vera said...


That super-sucks. I wonder how many of my texts you haven't got. Blergh.


vera said...

Ok, I just sent you another one and I forwarded the one I send on the 7th...


The Grunt said...

I finally got two of them, Vera. They really picked my spirits up. Thanks!

Chandra said...

Super-powers: Lady first... for everything! lol... race car beds are hot hot hot! as long as they are king size and don't have mirrors above them... and stripper poles in the corner are acceptable.