Thursday, November 08, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Baby Talkers

Baby talk is gay. People who baby talk all the damn time are TIGF!!! in a bad way. There is a lady at work who always talks in baby talk. It bugs the hell outta me. She must be surrounded by grand kids and/or pets, therefore, lacking the ability to talk normally.

However, we all know that if it weren't for baby talk, mankind would not have tamed the mighty wolf into domestic animals. Just how powerful is that? Look at a shi-zu and think that many, many years ago it would have been eating some moose carcass with authority. So, maybe baby talkers are annoying, but they have the power of getting wild animals to do what they want.

I think I am going to stay away from that lady from now on.


Scary Monster said...

Awww. Is the the cutesy wootsy Grunt-meister afwaid of a wittle ol lady? Me can get some sweet bloggy girl to come by and polish yer heady-wedy.


Photogirl said...

Why, are you afraid she's going to tame you? ;)

I feel ridiculous "baby talking" to babies, animals or otherwise. I tend to speak in a normal voice to small children, and I don't care if it seems 'cold'...believe me, it will be better for that child's development in the long run.

Sun Follower said...

Is her husband's name Scary Monster by any chance?

vera said...

Meh, I sound like a 12-year old smoker anyway... Baby talk is not convincing coming out of my mouth.


Jules said...

I only baby talked with nate for a very short time during his first 3 months of life. After that, I realized if he's to become a genius, I should use real words.

Christielli said...

Baby talk is way annoying. Stay far away from baby-talkers for sure.

The Grunt said...

Scary~ Yes and yes!

Celeste~ I totally agree with you that baby talk does not help child development.

Sun~ LOL!

Vera~ I've conversed with you and have found that your voice is just fine...for a freaky metal head!!!

Jules~ Best decision on mothering you ever made.

Christielli~ You and I both.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Baby talk is the worst. I admit to talking in baby talk to Lucy when I want to annoy her. She cocks her ears back, twitches her tail, and gives me evil looks so I guess it works. I know it's mean!

I doubt the baby talk lady at work could tame a wild animal like you, but I'd avoid her just to be safe.

Keshi said...

coochi coo Grunty...LOL!

cmon over to my blog for some Adult-talk ;-) DO NOT FORGET to read the last bit of it. Its a continuation of my Kisszhoprhenia post in which u didnt take part. Anyways read the current one. Hope I didnt upset ya..


monsooner said...

I hate babytalk. You spoke my mind.

NYD said...

I think any adult that engages in baby talk has got to be on par with a mushroom or some other type of fungi.

No matter how hard I try, I can't imagine a shi-tzu munching on a moose. Maybe Rocky, but not Bullwinkle.

Chandra said...

Shih-Tzu? Dog breed?

Baby talk as a sexual device is F'N ANNOYING as all hell. I'm all for calm regulated toned voice talking but goo goo gaa gaa aren't u just the cutywoootwootest BLECH!

Scary Monster said...

Scary Monster's wife never youses baby talk. She might curse, babble, mumble, grumble and bark, but baby talk? No way!