Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh, to post a post of goodly things

Instead, you are left with this....

I think someone should tell pigs just how good they taste and then they'd run real fast, faster than cheetahs.

Did any of the apostles break wind at the last supper or was it strictly a solemn event?

A change of scenery cannot hold a candle to a change of shorts.

Cleopatra took some bees and a hollow gourd to make what?

I was told that I was a dick today by somebody in a passing car. This was great news. Now I can say that my dick is 5'11" and is smart as a whip--it has read Tolstoy's "War and Peace". That is attractive.

I think that the next trend in automotive design will include eyebrows. This would be a brilliant way to show off the mood of your car. All nerd cars and Yugos would have unibrows.

I wonder what a unicorn with a unibrow would look like? Would anyone ride it?

Manitoba is the best nickname for what body part?

I used to think that Joe Cocker was an epileptic. When I found out that he wasn't it really blew me away. That wasn't supposed to be funny. I just thought I'd share that with you.

I got tagged by Ty's on Ice to do a meme. That will be coming up soon. I hope you all enjoyed this post. I'm tired and have to go and get a bunch of tests and scans done tomorrow. Whooopeeee!


Scary Monster said...

Cap'n ya got me wonderin iffin cheetahs taste yummy. Eye brows on a car would fit in well. Me gonna get a thick magic marker and draw som on there before me goes to work. Cleopatra needed a honey pot, hers were on strike. The question is would anybody ride anything with a unibrow?

Me manitoba be exactly where it oughtta right between me kumquat and me swirly divots...


Jules said...

I think you're on to something with the whole eyebrow/car thing. My only concern with that is who they model the eyebrows after. There are some seriously nasty looking ones in the world. Maybe it's only a good idea if you can model them after your own eyebrows.

Manitoba is that little really ticklish spot on the back of your knee.

I would ride a unibrowed unicorn (re: last post). ;OP

Scott said...

Ah, the old Manitoba!

Hope that you are keeping well, the sense of humour is alive and well which is great!

Sun Follower said...

Personally, I call mine a womanitoba.

Nessa said...

Speaking of farting: The other day my boss's father came into my office to get some papers. While I explained them to him, he stood by my desk and farted, loud and long, never saying a word.

Merry Turkey Holiday.

Come see my gobbler.

Tys on Ice said...

i think judas farted, jesus threw him out, so he ratted on jesus and then later hung history this was known as the most tragic fart...

manitoba shud be the nickname for that flabby piece of skin between the arsehole and the balls...

cheers buddy...hope those tests are just routine nonsense...

Logophile said...

My manitoba itches
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs and stuff, man

Corn Dog said...

Pigs do run really fast, particularly when you're trying to catch them.

Manitoba - small bone in the hand, easily broken by twisting off a mayonaise jar lid.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Did Cleopatra use the gourd and bees to make a vibrator?

I don't even want to talk about what Manitoba is!

The Grunt said...

Scary~ All great answers! I like the Manitoba one.

Jules~ So, will you tickle my Manitoba?

Scott~ I'm doing my best, thanks to family.

Sun~ That is very hot.

Nessa~ Wow! That has happened to me before and you are left speechless.

Tys~ The tests are part of seeing how my cancer treatments are going and things are going well.

Logo~ Good thing it gets scratched.

Corn Dog~ You get the "most inventive" award for that question.

O-Girl~ You and Scary were both right, but you came right out and said it. BUZZ!

Chandra said...

Manitoba is the best nickname for what body part?

It is my FAVOURITE PLACE to visit.... in Canada!