Friday, October 20, 2006

TIGF (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Tommy Seebach's "Apache"

Tommy Seebach's version of "Apache" has got to be the single most gay thing I've ever seen in my life. Now, what happens when you take a gay video and edit it to synch in with Judas Priest's "Painkiller"?


Rob Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest, is gay, but not TIGF gay. He is totally prison gay and I dig his scream.

I always felt that if Rob Halford

Got it on with Liberace

You'd have "TIGF!" as their uholy offspring.


Scott said...

That would be amazing... sometime in the future with DNA who knows what we will be able to create.


Clearlykels said...

Oh Dear! That is all:-)

Jules said...

YES!!! That's mu boieeee! Did that first video make anyone else HOT or was it just me? Major LOL! What if I said my girlfriends and I used to pretend we were the girl dancers. We had a life size cardboard cutout of Tommy and we used to put a wig on him and play with his hair just like they do in the video as we'd jiggle and gyrate all around. LOL Think I'm telling the truth? I have to go watch it again now! :O)

Nice job editing Grunty! You did well this week, my man.

cash said...

The Judas Priest guy is gay? Dang. That band taught me to play drums ... I wasn't good enough to try and be Neal Peart.

That must be why I switched to guitar.

Logophile said...

Hold me

Photogirl said...

wow, that video totally gives Richard Simmons a run for his money!

Spacecake said...

Where do you find these ideas ? :o

cindra said...

Grunt, you are a genius! I heard Tom gufawing over there on his computer and I had to look at what he was was your blog...that band sucks so bad. Personally, i love Rob Halford from my 80's days. Used to go to the nightclub in Az. where he hung out with his love.

Ya kill me! That scares me, cuz i wonder what that means about me that I admire you so...

thanks for the fun. I heart your blog.

Wiwille said...

Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick I have no idea what it was I just saw.

The Grunt said...

Scott~I hope that the future can blend the original A-Team into one super warrior. This warrior then will make it with the offspring of all three Charlie's Angels. I can't imagine the power such a being would have. It's like Superman, only sexier.

Kels~ I know. I know. You should see the ideas that I have that I don't put on here.

Jules~ Thanks, but I did not do any of the editing. I just presented them with my words. You really liked this guy as a kid? HAHAHAHAHA!

Cash~ Yeah, that is quite the shocker--who woulda thunk it? That's cool you played the drums. Guitar is just much sexier, I think. Not that that's the reason I play. Heh. Anyway, Neal Peart is like some immortal who decended to earth from the heavens to save Rush from Barbandland.

Logo~ You have someone under your control that does that for you already.

Celeste~ Yes, Richard Simmons has been resting on his laurels for too long. He needs to get off those cheeks and...there's too many bad areas that I could take this. I'm going to quit while I still have my senses.

Space~ Really, I think they find me. I just wish I had the same problem with money.

Cindra~ That is way cool. I envy you. BTW, I am a native of that state. You and your husband are now free citizens of Gruntonia. Feel special?

Wiwille~ Welcome! You stick around and you'll get even more dumfounded. You on board?

Jules said...

LOL! No, Grunty - I've never even heard of the guy before. I was just being goofy. But now that I have seen that video... purrrrrrr! :O)

goldennib said...

This was so Benny Hill funny.