Sunday, October 01, 2006

I got tagged and now my innocence is gone

Please, hold me. I don't know how to go on. Logo, being a savvy woman of the world, got into my mind and screwed with it. Now I am doing her bidding. Oh, whoa is me! Now I have to do seven songs.

The Posies, "Solar Sister". Why? Because I love, LUV, this group. This song is off of "Frosting Off The Beater" and it hasn't suffered the same fate as those other Seattle's bands by sounding dated. Remember kiddies, this song is now thirteen years old!


Iron Maiden "Wrathchild". Why? Because I am one, son!

MC5 "Kick Out the Jams". Why? Because these guys were a true menace to society, and ate hippies for lunch. Not to mention fierce as hell!


The New York Dolls, "Looking for a Kiss". Why? Because, I need a fix and a kiss, baby. Oooooh, so trashy!


More glam rock from the MENSA pop masters, Sparks! "B.C.". Why? Because, the keyboardist, Russell Mael, looks like Hitler and the lead singer, Ron Mael, had to have spawned Gwen Stephani and that dude from Hot Hot Heat. This one is fun! Yes, they are brothers, and they both were models growing up in LA. No wonder they are so weird!


The Human League, "Don't you want me?" What can I say? I have a total weakness for this song. I love the video as well. Classic 80's cheese!

And Finally!!!

Kevin Rowland's Dexy and the Midnight Runners, "Geno". Why? Because this song is guaranteed to get your ass shaking! Plus, this was before they all started playing violins and looking like hobos and shit. Plus, he kind of sounds like he's related to that Sparks dude, Ron Mael.


goldennib said...

I played all of them at the same time. That was weird.

Karyn said...

With the exception of Don't You Want Me Baby (GAAAAAAAAAA!), these are all new to me. Will have to check them out... are we ALL tagged now? Do we have to include the YouTube links? How does it work? Which seven do we pick? Sweet Christ, it's early...

vera said...

Aren't you supposed to tag someone now?

The Grunt said...

Yes, I am supposed to tag someone. Don't worry, that part will come. I did the You Tube thing to be different. I actually would have done different songs, but I couldn't find them on You Tube. I picked a ton of obscure songs to piss everyone off:P Besides, it's not like I haven't been hurting physically and would rather have just not blogged at all. Have a nice day:D I'm going to pop some happy pills!

Logophile said...

Oh baby, it was good for me,
was it good for you?
Don't pout, sweetie, the first time always hurts a little, you'll be fine.
Nice list

Scott said...

I have to say that I thought that there was going to be some Rush in there, but Kick out the Jams more than makes up for it.


Spacecake said...

haha, great explinations on WHY you picked these songs :D

Jules said...

Sucks to be me. I can't even listen to your obscure selections because my puter's sound drivers are all messed up. *heavy sigh*

I'm sure they're just GRREEEAAAATTT though!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Iron Mayden...

Now that would be a good blog title!
Did you get a prize from me? I hope you did. You are now on my Christmas list!

Hugs Grunt...there is no one else like you in the world!
And no one else like me either- thank goodness! :)

Sun Follower said...

What?! No "Come on Eileen" ????

NiolK said...

Way to throw in some cock rock.