Thursday, February 05, 2009


I haven't done one of these in awhile. Anyhooter, spring is coming and you know what that means? Scooters! A scooter is to a motorcycle as a femme is to a butch. Or, a scooter is to a fat man as a monkey riding a dog--funny. Girls on scooters are a pleasure, I must say. But, a girl on a bullet bike is even better, but not TIGF!!! I think the reason scooters are gay are the tiny wheels and seating position--it looks like you are observing correct posture, very square. I wish there was something else. I'm pretty tired right now. You'll have to help me out on this one.

BTW, the video clip that I stole features a song from one of my favorite obscure punk bands from the late '70s, The Pop Rivets.


Jay said...

And let's not forget about Scooter, hands down the gayest of all the Gobots.

NYD said...

Word, scooters is def! They are making huge scooters over here now and they are everywhere.
A 750cc scooter looks like a vespa on steroids.

Oh and thanks, I had almost forgotten about Nebraska untill I read about it in your last post.

The Grunt said...

Jay~ Who but you could I count on for this kind of golden information?

NYD~ I've seen some bigger scooters but never a 750cc. Nebraska just heard you talking about it and now it's all exited.

Christielli said...

Don't forget about the Scooter the muppet too!

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ How could I forget him?