Thursday, February 12, 2009

A post from a Viking: "Target Audience"

Whatever you do, just don't feed them. They'll keep coming back. We here at Vollewraithe are actively engaged in providing adolescent and adult men, who have no purpose in life, shelter from the storm.

We see that the specimen on the left is pretty far along in his mentoring. His right hand is in the correct position for sitting. The specimen on the right clearly needs our help. If he does not stop we will have to get Richard Simmons and Tom Cruise over here to scare him straight.

As always, Chuck Norris will be watching from the bedroom closet. He's old.

(Taken from an old blog of mine. Enjoy!)


Chris said...

Scene looks like a normal college dorm room with normal inhabitants.

Sun Follower said...

Is that the Uni-Bomber or Joaquin Phoenix?

Logophile said...


The Grunt said...

Chris~ Goodtimes!

Sun~ They are one in the same, right?

Logo~ Bob!

Karyn said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

(Also, horrified. My sons both sit / lie down and immediately insert hand as shown. Are you seriously telling me this is normal and to be expected, apparently forever?)