Thursday, February 19, 2009

So, I was bored tonight...

This is my "bored" look. Muhammad Ali protects my slumber from evil leprechauns and monsters. Let's see...I know! I will take pictures of a tract that I defaced.
This here is a tract from "Religion" brand religion. You may have heard of it before. Anyway, whoever does their art, I want to do a special happy dance for you, because I always get a big kick out of your work. Ok, the text here is fairly simple (read: idiotic). Playing on the whole, "God didn't create Adam and Steve" mentality, I just wondered if God just did away with the whole Adam guy altogether (defective nipples or something) and this guy Steve just shows up one day picking fruit, which we all know is gay. Eve is patient with Steve, and his coast to coast nipple chain (with a junction down to Foreskinville), but soon resorts to animal therapy instead. The caption reads: "If Adam were really Steve". Steve's says, in a "Oh, what a beautiful morning" voice, "Mmmmm! Fruit again!!! La-la-la-la!" Eve is engaged in a deep one-on-one with Scamper, the squirrel. She is saying, "Oh, Scamper! You are the only one in the Garden who truly understands what a woman needs." Scamper is embarking on his first of many "WTF" Garden moments.

You know, I think this really happened. I should go check the Bible to make sure.


Julie Schuler said...

I'm sorry you're so bored. You can come over and help me fold laundry, or do the windows, they are the kind that fold in, so they are not hard to do. I just need someone to hold them so I don't have to balance them on one leg while I wash them.

I also find those tracts to have top-notch illustration work. I wish I could get a gig like that.

Until I saw this picture I totally forgot that I did a custom portrait of Ali once. It was pretty kick ass.

Diane Mandy said...

Ok, THAT is funny!

Man in Japan said...

How can you be bored when you've got Ali to hang with? Cool music meme. Excellent choice of songs but I would have to make a few changes to your list before I was ready to go hermit.

Stay Grunty!

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Wow! Folding laundry? You, girl, know how to party;) Anyway, I'd like to see that custom portrait of Ali.

Diane~ I do my best:D

NYD~ The thing with lists is that you always want to change something after you are done with it. I mean, I need more than just ten songs.

Karyn said...

Love it.